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We are not making any attempt to list every gambling or Las Vegas-related Web site. Instead, these are the gambling and Vegas Web sites that we ourselves visit for information and recommend to friends.

We definitely do not recommend that all of the information provided on each site is accurate and of value, but each site has value.


Card Counting Simulation Software: Blackjack Strike

Karl D's excellent blackjack and card counting simulation software. The site also offers on-line simulation and index generation for a subset of options for free. See Karl D's recent post for more information on features.


Wizard of Odds

Good, honest gambling information from gambling analyst Michael Shackleford. Check out their video poker info for online gambling.


Online Casinos

Run by a dedicated team of online gamblers.


Poker Tournaments provides poker information, up to date tournament news and tips to improve your poker game.



Michael Dalton's blackjack forums.


American Casino Guide

The American Casino Guide is the most comprehensive guide available for information on all U.S. casinos. The web site features additional consumer-oriented info on U.S. casinos, Las Vegas, and casino travel.


Best Things to Do in Las Vegas

A comprehensive tourist's guide to Las Vegas, with info on the best hotels, restaurants, casinos, pools, nightclubs, shows, day trips, local natural sites, attractions for kids, and more.

Stanford Wong's site, with active message boards.


BJ Insider

Blackjack information site hosted by Henry Tamburin.

Chuck Weinstock's gambling info and products site.


Winner Online

A respected Internet casino portal site, with active message boards related to online casino play. Another good site to check for info on Internet casinos.


Cardshark Online

Cardshark Online is the world's first and best card cheating web site. Run by actual card cheats. You'll find everything from how to cheat to how to protect yourself from card cheats.


Bust-Out Dealer

This site is a promotional site for experts who demonstrate cheating techniques at casino blackjack.


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This site provides a program for generating blackjack basic strategy for a variety of blackjack rule sets, and is also an online casino portal.

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This site is an honest online casino portal.

NFL Betting Spread
Provides sportsbetting data and a sportsbook for bets on sporting events in variety of markets.

Football Picks
Vegas Experts provides NFL football picks, NBA picks, MLB picks, and NHL picks. We have not tracked their win record.
  Poker Chip Sets offers good prices on quality poker supplies.

Best Online Gambling
Excellent online casino reviews and information on online slots.

Internet Blackjack Online Resource Internet blackjack resource and portal. Blackjack strategies, tips, game rules and more.

The Best Gambling Web Sites as Rated by the Professional Gamblers at Blackjack Forum Online

We've recently seen an explosion of gambling web sites, most with either phony or pretty worthless content. The gambling web sites we recommend here are the ones we find useful for one reason or other in our own gambling.