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Professional gamblers and card counters rate Las Vegas Area Casino Surveillance Departments in response to the Blackjack Forum surveillance experts' casino surveillance report card.
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professional gamblers grade Las Vegas Casino surveillance
Professional Gamblers Rate the Las Vegas Casino Surveillance Departments 2006 Las Vegas Area
    Casino Surveillance Report Card
    By The Vindicator and
    The Las Vegas Surveillance Mafia
Arnold Snyder Message Casino Surveillance Report Card,
    Las Vegas
Professional Gamblers Rate the Las Vegas Casino Surveillance Departments Professional Players' Las Vegas
    Casino Surveillance Report Card
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    Inside Casino Surveillance
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[Editor's note: Part I of the Las Vegas Casino Surveillance Report Card was compiled by The Vindicator and the Las Vegas Surveillance Mafia, a group of casino surveillance professionals. In Part I of this Report Card, we got an insiders' view of the competence of Las Vegas surveillance departments, as well as their opinions of the conditions under which their colleagues work.

Part II of this Surveillance Report Card features a view of these departments from the tables. All of the contributors to this report are full-time professional gamblers who have logged thousands of hours in Las Vegas casinos.

One positive change over the past year seems to have been a general move toward professionalism in the treatment of professional gamblers once detected. It's been some months since we've heard of a beating or players held in handcuffs. More often, professional gamblers are simply being backed off or 86ed en route to the door.

Players' opinions of the game protection competence at any particular casino occasionally split along lines of their specialty or Griffin/C.V.I. status. One player said, "When it comes to spotting card counting, I think every place is too sharp."

The surveillance information on Griffin, C.V.I., Facial Recognition, and computer evaluation has been copied, for reader convenience, from The Vindicator's report.

Disclaimer: All of the information in this chart is based on the observations and subjective opinions of individuals whose information may be incomplete or inaccurate. Use this as a guide only, and bear in mind that conditions within casino surveillance are constantly changing. --Arnold Snyder]


The Professional Players' Las Vegas Casino Surveillance Report Card

Griffin Agency Facial Recog. Computer Evaluation Casino C.V.I. Overall Rating and Comments
Yes Yes Yes Aladdin Yes Will recognize anyone in Griffin pretty fast, and they have clearly read some books.
Yes No No Arizona Charlie's Yes Sweaty rather than smart. Normal action is red to green and bigger action frightens them.
Yes No No Arizona Charlie's East Yes Not too smart, but if they're letting you play an aggressive count game, it may be a situation you can't beat. Quick to flyer low rollers.
Yes Yes No Bally's Las Vegas Yes Separate surveillance from Paris. Some sharp and sweaty floormen, pretty lousy surveillance.
No No Yes Barbary Coast No Floor reacts to any bet spread. They certainly know what they know.
Yes Yes Yes Bellagio No Nice dealers, great restaurants (at Picasso, try the $20 scallop with the potato chip stuck in it), but the dumbest floor person we've ever encountered was in their high-limit room. They do have some sharp floor, but there's the usual percentage of people who could only be there because of juice. Surveillance seems studious and book-learned. They make full use of their Griffin subscription and all the latest equipment but are overly focused on wins. We're not afraid to play there.
No No No Boardwalk No No comments at this time.
No No No Boulder Station Yes Floor is frightened, surveillance is helpless. Short sessions easy.
Yes No Yes Caesars Yes They can't distinguish between a hole-card play and a cheating play, we know that for sure. Not as sweaty as it was under the management from AC, but if they get to look at you long enough, they will eventually recognize you.
No No No California No Some decent floor, poor surveillance.
Yes No No Cannery Yes A good place to play.
No No No Circus Circus No Lots of heat, but little fire.
NA No No El Cortez NA Marginally better than Circus.
No No No Excalibur No Surveillance is helpless, a few floor think they know something.
No No No Fiesta Henderson No Paranoid, but helpless. Backing off players for winning.
No No No Fiesta Rancho No Mistrusts money.
No No No Fitzgerald's No Have fun!
Yes No No Flamingo LV Yes A grab bag. Some floor sweat wins, others have some perspective. They have caught a counter or two in the past. They have MindPlay tables, but they either don't have the surveillance package or don't know how to use it.
No No No Four Queens No Marginal surveillance, sweaty floor.
      Fremont   Ha ha ha.
No No No Frontier No Very mixed reviews.
No No No Gold Coast No All the Coast foibles. Land of the paranoids!
No No No Gold Spike No Do they have a surveillance department?
No No No Golden Gate No A surprisingly pleasant place with a good diner. Thumbs up for Golden Gate.
Yes Yes Yes Golden Nugget Yes We agree with Vin: Was once a force to reckon with.
No No No Green Valley Ranch Yes This place has some talent on board, which is probably why they don't sweat action. Recently featured in TV series; game protection is at its best when the television cameras are rolling.
No Yes Yes Hard Rock Yes Surveillance has a checklist, and they think they know what they're doing.
Yes No No Harrah's LV No Mixed reviews. They do use their Griffin subscription.
Yes No No Horseshoe No Time to take another look.
No No No Imperial Palace No They're more likely to catch you walking through than actually playing. Some sweaty floor.
No No No Klondike No Does anyone play here?
Yes No Yes Lady Luck No Playable until you've let them record a few wins.
NA No No Las Vegas Club NA Floor and surveillance are semi-sharp (El Cortez level).
Yes No Yes LV Hilton Yes Player friendly.
No No No Luxor No Helpless eye, frightened floor.
No No No Main Street Station No Completely mixed reviews from players.
No No Yes Mandalay Bay No They can't watch everyone. They do pay attention to your win/loss record, and a series of wins will trigger a Survey Voice. Security is a bunch of Harry Callahans.
Yes Yes Yes MGM Yes Pretty sharp, but big. Surveillance won't see you without a call from the pit. They do run Survey Voice once your action hits around $500/hand (and will run it more than once), but anything under $1k looks small to them.
Yes Yes Yes Mirage No Conscientious, but big. Stay away when not crowded.
No No No Monte Carlo Yes Easier lately.
Yes Yes Yes New York New York Yes Very mixed reviews from players. Worth another look.
No No No Orleans Yes Coast owned. Some smart sweaty floor who know what they know. Surveillance is busy zooming in on girls.
No No No Palace Station No Takes green action well. Used to be sharper. Always small minded: they never know what anyone's doing, but if you're betting black, you must be a pro.
Yes Yes Yes Palms Yes Surveillance watches the high-limit double deck first. They do make use of their Griffin subscription sooner or later, including at CTR time. Day shift relies on sending down "Coach" to intimidate you.
Yes No No Paris No Separate surveillance from Bally's. Very mixed reviews from players. Some sharp floormen.
NA No No Plaza NA Some floor sharp, some just sweaty. Okay surveillance.
Yes Yes Yes Rio No Big.
No No No Riviera Yes Marginally good surveillance. Old mean floor.
No No No Sahara Yes Can't find anyone who feels like playing here.
No No No Sam's Town No There's a rumor they caught somebody once.
No No No Santa Fe Station No Sharp surveillance on swing. Will recognize those in Biometrica.
Yes Yes Yes Stardust Yes Reviews wins and will back off on return. Long memory for backoffs. Even some floor are well-informed. We have to say, one of the sharpest in town.
Yes Yes Yes Stratosphere Yes What a waste of a spinning restaurant! All they know how to do is sweat action.
No No No Suncoast No Coast group. A couple sharp floor who know what they know.
No No No Sunset Station No Takes action well in high limit room.
No No No Terrible's No More paranoia than knowledge.
Yes No No Texas Station Yes Can be sweaty. Some sharp dealers. We have heard of a guy who got tossed here.
Yes Yes Yes Treasure Island Yes Careful and diligent.
No No Yes Tropicana Yes More sweaty than knowledgeable.
No No No Tuscany No A limited play. Not very knowledgeable, but some good memory on the floor. Paranoid of big action.
Yes Yes Yes Venetian No Fancy but sweaty. They definitely pay attention to flyers. They want to know their big players, and prefer their mobster clientele. Wins scare them. Overall, more suspicious than actually knowledgeable or smart.
NA No No Western NA Yes, we'll go anywhere there's money. Used to be a complete joke, now only a partial joke.
      Westin Casuarina   Anyone??? We do know that it's possible to get bounced here.
No No No Westward Ho No Ha ha ha.
No No No Wild Wild West No Surveillance seems to understand its limitations, and will call Stations for big action. ♠

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Professional gamblers rate the casino surveillance departments of Las Vegas.

Part I of this Blackjack Forum article provided the Las Vegas Casino Report Card, in which Las Vegas casino surveillance personnel rated the knowledge and game protection skills of their colleagues. In this response, card counters and other types of professional gamblers provide Las Vegas casino surveillance ratings of their own.