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Top Five Blackjack Games in the App Store

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One of the richest sources of blackjack games is the App Store, especially since app developers make apps for iPhones, iPads and iPods first and foremost before going on to make an Android app. The apps discussed in this article are all free to play, and good for casual players. The App Store used to have real-money blackjack apps, but more and more online casinos have gone on to offer web-based apps like Royal Vegas Casino. You can get the fantastic Royal Vegas casino app here if you are more into real money blackjack.

1. Ultimate Blackjack Reloaded

This is more than just a blackjack app for your iPhone or iPad. It's a great app that conveys the style of casinos where you get to play an iconic casino game against the dealer. This app has a friendly interface, sweet graphics, and challenges that will keep you excited and help you improve your blackjack skills. It's a great app to get prepared for the real deal if you intend to go to a real casino. Also, you can customize the sounds and graphics. Furthermore, you will enjoy many blackjack variations, side bets, predefined casinos and you will be able to unlock achievements, rank on leaderboards and learn strategies. It s even possible to make in-app purchases. It's the perfect app for blackjack lovers.

2. BC Blackjack

If you are into realistic experience on your mobile, then BC Blackjack is the right app. Here you can play on 3D rendered tables with full sized cards and chips. It even has a built-in trainer if you are a blackjack beginner that will teach you some strategies, which makes it a very helpful app for sharpening your skills. BC Blackjack has a very realistic gameplay. There are frequent free chips, although you can make an in-app purchase of chips. Also, if you decide to get the pro version, you will get some more features like removing ads, speed dealing, practice modes, customizable tables, higher limits etc.

3. Blackjack 21 Free!

If you have an aversion to apps with in-app purchases of chips, then download Blackjack 21 Free! This app has Las Vegas style rules and tables, optimized simple game controls with Retina display, and you can view your stats over time. There are the standard surrender, insurance, double down and split bets too. It also has a very cool deck shuffle animation where you get to customize the options like music and more. The only in-app purchase in this app is the premium version of the app.

More blackjack for UK players is available at ukmobile.casino

4. A Blackjack Vegas 21 Free Casino Style (Black Jack) Pro Game

This blackjack app (with the longest name I have seen) is a very well-polished blackjack app that will provide you with fun that will last for hours. Sharpen your skills and become a blackjack guru by learning all the tricks with this app and then you can head to your nearest local or online casino. An interesting option in this game is the possibility to shuffle the deck when you want to. The bets range from $1 to $200 (in virtual money of course). The graphics and the game play are so smooth that it will be your favorite app.

5. Blackjack Toolbox

Blackjack Toolbox is not your standard flashy blackjack app because it was designed more to help you become a better player. Here you can learn to be a consistent blackjack winner thanks to the six tools for enhancing your game. There are lessons with a teacher mode, simulator for practice, calculator to manage your bets, recorder to keep track of results as well as a card marker where you get to make reference cards. This app is very serious about improving your game.

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