Arnold Snyder tells how to win in online casinos with online casino bonuses.
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How to Win in Internet Casinos
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How to win at online gaming with Internet casino bonuses Correct Blackjack Basic Strategy with
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How to Win at Blackjack Switch: Rules and Correct Switching and Basic Strategy with Strategy Card for Internet or Land Casinos How to Play Blackjack Switch:
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Best Internet casino software review

Best Casino Bonuses Online

By Arnold Snyder
© 2005 Blackjack Forum Online

Our main interest at this Web site is in making money from gambling. But if you're primarily looking for a good casino at which to have fun, check out our Internet Casino Reviews and Best Internet Casinos and Bonuses, download the free software for one of them, and play the free games or cash games to your heart's content, secure in the knowledge that you're getting a good deal, playing honest games, and will get paid any winnings.

But even if you don't fancy yourself much of a professional gambler, we're going to let you in on a secret--even amateurs can make money playing with an advantage on the Internet.

To beat the Internet casino games, you don't need to count cards. Instead, you take advantage of the lucrative bonus offers the Web casinos make to entice new players into their games. These bonuses can turn the house edge that normally exists in these casino games into a player edge over the house.

The techniques for beating the Internet casino games are fairly straightforward and nearly foolproof, and you will find complete information on them in the articles in the Table of Contents at left. And the Internet is a fantastic learning ground for the game of poker as well. All of the reputable Internet poker rooms offer free games for beginners, and the limits in the real money games online are lower than you'll ever find in a live casino. You can even get the Internet poker rooms to subsidize your poker education with their bonus offers.

We're not going to spend much space on these pages discussing the legality of gambling on the Internet. Basically, the situation with Internet gambling today is similar to the pre-Playboy magazine 1950s, when any magazine, book, or film that showed nudity protected itself from prosecution by including inappropriate statements from psychiatrists, medical doctors, or anthropologists, justifying the "redeeming social value" of the material. This old stuff is a real hoot. Here's Doctor Siegfried Zambuzi claiming on page one that the photos within are meant to be studied by students of advanced psychology only for the purpose of delving into the primal mysteries of human nature. And inside the mag, we see Betty Page on all fours in a leather corset. Somehow, Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt managed to get the government out of our bedrooms for the most part, but it's unlikely Mike Sexton and Howard Lederer will ever get the government out of our wallets.

So, our advice is to check your local laws before you play to see if Internet gambling is legal in your state or country.

If you decide to play, there's a lot of money in the Internet casinos that is pretty easy to pick up. In fact, it's such a nice piece of change, and so much easier to get than the money that can be earned in most other forms of gambling, that we continue to be amazed that it even exists. Compared to card counting in Vegas, for example, making money in the Internet casinos is child's play. You'll risk a lot less of your money and you'll have a much bigger advantage over the house. These are the kinds of opportunities professional gambling careers get started on. ♠

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