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Mathematician and blackjack player John Leib challenges Leonard Benson to prove that his Power Numbers Blackjack system works.
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Leonard Benson's phony gambling system Power Numbers Blackjack
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By Arnold Snyder and John Leib
(From Blackjack Forum XV #3, September 1995)
© 1995 Blackjack Forum

Have you see this Power Numbers Blackjack advertisement, or one similar to it, in a newspaper or magazine in your area?

Variations on this ad have been sent to us by readers in California, Nevada, New York and New Jersey. When John Leib saw a version of this ad in a San Diego newspaper, he called the 800 number and received the complete promo pack from the "Leonard Benson Company." This includes some 14 pages of materials, with testimonials from satisfied users, and a question/answer brochure by the inventor of the system, Dr. Morton Jacobs.

One ad flyer claims that users of the "Power Numbers Blackjack" system can "gain a mathematical advantage over the casinos without counting and win $1,000 or more per day." The blackjack system, according to the ad, "is reasonably priced and can be learned by anyone in a few hours." And, "for a minimal investment of money and time, you will have a sound way of being able to make serious money the rest of your life."

Some of the ad claims are astonishing, such as: "POWER NUMBERS BLACKJACK™ players have an advantage ranging from 5% to an incredible 20% and more! ... You'll be winning 10 units for every 50 to 150 units in action."

The Power Numbers Blackjack course costs $495, but the ad John Leib received stated that if he ordered within ten days, he could get it for only $379. Leib didn't send in his money, but instead, sent the following letter:

Dear Leonard,

Today I received your information pack regarding POWER NUMBERS BLACKJACK™. I am quite impressed by both the effectiveness and simplicity of this system. It should be promoted to the blackjack-playing public in more impressive fashion than now is the case.

I can help you do this. I am a frequent contributor to Blackjack Forum, arguably the most prestigious publication for getting the word out. A positive review in BJF would assure wide acceptance of POWER NUMBERS BLACKJACK™, as you are attempting to do in the generic press. And such review in BJF could be quoted in other media.

Here's my proposal:

  1. I will learn POWER NUMBERS BLACKJACK™ to your satisfaction, right in your office in Las Vegas.
  2. I will follow precisely the recommendations/directions of POWER NUMBERS BLACKJACK™ in actual casino play, using for each session the minimum $160 initial bankroll supplied by you. You or one of your students can play at the same table to be sure I am doing it right.
  3. We will do this ten times, each for sufficient time to win ten units or until you or your student signals me to terminate the session.
  4. All money in the bankroll at the end of each session will be returned to you, so this trial will cost you nothing and will, in fact, give you a net gain.
  5. I will write an account of this demonstration, including the results, which will be published in Blackjack Forum. You will be given an advance copy and the opportunity to comment on my experience.
  6. I will reveal nothing about the workings of POWER NUMBERS BLACKJACK™ to anyone, and will report only my impressions about the ease with which I was able to master POWER NUMBERS BLACKJACK™ and the success it has provided at the casino tables.
  7. If POWER NUMBERS BLACKJACK™ performs for me as you have found it to perform for others, I will buy it at the full $499 price, and will use it in casinos with my own money. I will also recommend it to those I think might benefit from it.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get very influential ink free. And it is an opportunity for me to learn something in the process. It's a win-win situation for the two of us. I'm positive Blackjack Forum will agree to publish my results. We can get their agreement before we proceed. Please let me know when you would like to start. I'm very excited about this project.

John E. Leib

Will Leonard Benson accept John Leib's proposal to "test" his system for Blackjack Forum? We'll let you know next issue!

John Leib's full report, "22 Hours of Power Numbers Blackjack" is in the Spring '96 Issue of Blackjack Forum.

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  Leonard Benson's Power Numbers Blackjack System
In this Blackjack Forum article, Lockheed mathematician John Leib challenges Leonard Benson to prove the efficacy of his Power Numbers Blackjack System. Leonard Benson accepts the challenge, and Leib reports on his mathematical analysis of the Power Numbers Blackjack system, plus his results at the tables.