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Blackjack Forum Online presents a blackjack card counting team business plan. The most important problems facing blackjack team managers are issues over how to divide winnings between card counting players and non-playing team investors.
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Business Plans for a Blackjack Card Counting Team

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Letter Regarding Blackjack Team Play

By Bob Fisher
(From Blackjack Forum Vol. XVI #2, Summer 1996)
© 1996 Blackjack Forum

"Some of my ideas regarding blackjack team play:

"A major concern of most blackjack teams is being able to trust their teammates. Using people you already know well is fine; but, the problem is it takes a long time to get to know people which reduces the number of possible teammates. Then there's the possibility of the casinos recognizing the teammates through guilt by association, plus problems such as being available, etc.

"My idea for team play requires three kinds of people:

  • "Type A: There are many people who have high-paying jobs or businesses that they can't quit just to play blackjack. These people's work, vacations, etc., take them to casino areas. They would like to supplement their income playing blackjack while they are in a casino area. They have the bankroll. Though they can be card counters, it isn't necessary. Minimum requirements would be bankroll and blackjack basic strategy. They will only play for short periods (during their work-related trips/vacations).

  • "Type B: These people will be card counters who live in a casino area. They are not bums and do have small bankrolls, but cannot play high stakes with low ruin for a decent win rate. Poker players who know how to count, or could learn, are good candidates. Minimum requirements would be blackjack basic strategy and card counting knowledge and a small bankroll.

  • "Type C: These people would be middlemen to bring the other members of the blackjack team together. They would test and evaluate the prospective players. Applicants would contact the C players.

"When an A player wants to go to a casino area, he calls the appropriate C player to let him know when he is coming. The C players contact the B players, trying to find 2 to 5 players that can join the A.

Prior to playing, the C player has the A and B players meet where and work out the details. Basically, the B players will play at several nearby tables, counting and making minimum bets. When they get a good count, they signal the A player who then joins that table unless playing successfully at one of the other tables.

Because the A player finds many more advantageous situations than he could if he played alone, he will except to win considerably more. Some of this extra win is shared with the B players, allowing the Bs to make more than they otherwise could with minimal risk and exposure. The B players shouldn't expect to lose, but try to break even by leaving on very bad counts and raising their bets slightly on good counts. They should not use bet raises as signals to the A players to join the play. The B players keep their winnings and pay for their losses.

"Since there is no commingling of money, honesty, though desirable, is not essential. Also, if the casino puts the A and B players together, the A player can have an entirely new set of B players on his next trip. The players can be constantly switched around, making putting them together difficult.

The B players also would not get burned out since they make minimum bets and use small spreads as they are only trying to break even or win small amounts. The casino may be further reluctant to harass B players if they give them other business such as poker or video poker. The A player would not be too concerned because he will not be a full time player and will travel a lot anyway, playing a few days here and there.

"I don't know of anyone who has suggested this idea of putting strangers together on a blackjack team before without the need to commingle money, and it's associated problems." ♠

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