Cheating at Cards: Blackjack and Poker
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Casino Cheating

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Your Options When You Are Cheated in a Casino

By Sam Case
(From Blackjack Forum Vol. III #2, June 1983)
© 1983 Blackjack Forum

Itís time for more comments about dealer cheating in general. Iíve said before that I rarely suspect dealers of cheating. I used to play only low-stakes. Since that time, Iíve logged in quite a few hours with Crazy Bobís team, at high stakes. I must say, some of the dealers Iíd played nickels against would change their style (and not for the better!) when big money was out on the table. I suspected more cheating at higher stakes levels. Iíd like to comment on the several courses of action a player who thinks heís been cheated might consider. I admit to having experimented with all of these options:

  1. Make a scene. I tried this. I would call over the pit boss and explain the problem. He would, of course, assure me that I was mistaken. In order to get some action taken, I knew I would have to say that I was capable as a card cheat, and that I knew when I was being taken. Then Iíd get action all right, but not the kind Iíd want. So, forget this option.

  2. Leave and report it. Call the Nevada Gaming Commission. Theyíll need all the specifics: date, time, place, dealerís name, your name. No thanks!

  3. Just leave. This option is very attractive, but boring. First, a little funÖ

  4. Cheat them back. Iíve given up on this and I donít advise it. Getting corrected about how to hold your cards or tuck them under your chips is embarrassing. Besides, if they ever could prove something, youíd be in real trouble. Youíd have to guard your moves from the cameras. Although counter catchers are almost as easy to spot as Griffin agents, theyíre only half as stupid. People do get caught cheating. Donít try this one.

  5. Try to turn the game honest. For this youíve got to be on guard at all times. Just bully the dealer and sometimes he will be forced to deal honestly. If you suspect a second deal, ask for "the top one for a change." One dealer at Foyís Tall Beaver Casino would do a peek by bringing his deck hand up to his nose to scratch it. A good comment to make is: "I donít care if you scratch, rub, or pick your nose, as long as you do it with the other hand." This is a good option, because it might scare the dealer into reconsidering how smart and slick he is.

  6. Have fun, then walk. Hand the dealer a one dollar chip and say, "This is for you. We both know you need more practice, but do it at home. I wanted you to make at least one honest buck tonight." Or say, "If your moves are that sloppy in bed, youíll be getting a divorce soon." Then walk. This option is good for the same reason as #5.

  7. Whatever you do, tell other players about your experience with a cheating dealer. You may be able to save some of a fellow playerís bankroll.

One final comment: Just because you play low stakes doesnít mean you wonít be cheated. Inform yourself, and always keep an eye open! ♠


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