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The 2007 Las Vegas Area Casino Surveillance Report Card is an assessment of casino surveillance departments in Las Vegas, Laughlin, Mesquite, and Jean/Primm, by fellow casino surveillance agents. Read on to find out how they rate the various casinos' surveillance equipment and personnel.
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2007 Casino Surveillance Report Card

Understand casino surveillance strengths and weakness in Las Vegas as seen by casino surveillance agents themselves.
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The PowerSim project is developing blackjack simulation software for card counters and other advantage players that will sim the strategies professional players use to beat casino surveillance.

Las Vegas Area Casino Surveillance Ratings

By The Vindicator and the Las Vegas Area Surveillance Mafia
© 2007 Blackjack Forum Online

[Editor's note: The Las Vegas Surveillance Mafia and its colleagues in Jean, Primm and Laughlin are a loosely-knit group of respected Las Vegas area casino surveillance agents. This 2007 report card reflects both their opinions on the current game protection capabilities of their casino surveillance colleagues, and their view of the conditions under which their colleagues must work. In some cases, while their opinion of a casino surveillance department may have been high, they gave a low grade to a casino because they believe the surveillance department there is hampered in its duties by bad equipment or inept personnel and procedures in other departments.

There are some surprising changes in this year's surveillance report card. Be sure to pay attention to properties that have recently changed hands, or are about to change hands.

Players may find that the ratings of these surveillance experts differ in some cases from their own opinions. Again, these ratings are not based upon these experts' experience at the tables, but on their perspective as surveillance personnel.

Disclaimer: All of the information in this chart is based on the observations and subjective opinions of individuals whose information may be incomplete or inaccurate. Use this as a guide only, and bear in mind that conditions within the casino industry are constantly changing.
Arnold Snyder]

2007 Las Vegas Area Casino Surveillance Report Card

Las Vegas Strip Area
Casino Comments Threat Level (5=Strong) Chance of Being Made What to Expect if Made
Aladdin/Planet Hollywood Turnover city! This place goes through surveillance agents like Britney Spears goes through rehab joints. Whack'em during the late swing and early grave shift. Fear the floor more than the blind eye. 2 Medium-Low Photographed and walked
Bellagio The best surveillance ever (not)! They do have an edge though (see MGM Grand). 4 Medium-Low Photographed and walked
Bill's (formerly Barbary Coast ) They just got rid of the only decent people who were holding the place down. Throw caution to the wind. 1 Low A stern finger pointing
Caesars Palace Still a candy store, as far as surveillance goes. Party on. 2 Medium-Low Photographed and walked
Circus Circus The bastard of the MGM family. The employees know they're doomed, and it shows. Tipping = longevity. 0 Full speed ahead! Might ask for your autograph. Leave.
Excalibur Run by fools from both the floor and the eye. 0 Run amok during grave. Leave.
Frontier Surveillance? What's that? They have the best "Union Protester Cams" in all of Nevada, but they're not dealing their games on the Strip sidewalks. 0 Yours for the taking. Don't worry about it, they won't catch you.
Hard Rock With the change in ownership, the entire surveillance crew is in for a surprise, as well as a few floor people. Watch the papers and hit them when it all goes down. 3 High on swing. Play late. Ownership change means don't worry about it.
Harrah's LV Just purchased by a company that knows nothing about gambling and everything about cutting jobs. Get it? 1 Run amok during day. Low. The big guys ignore this joint.
Hooters Nice views but very paranoid. Don't waste your time trying to bet big action here. 5 Go for the views only. Photographed and walked.
Imperial Palace What was once a surveillance crew in fear for their jobs is now a bunch of grave stompers for Mr. Englestadt. Do what you will. 1 Low. Very busy people not paying attention. Don't worry about it, they won't catch you.
LV Hilton Fear not the eye for the eye shall not see you. But fear thou the floor, for the floor is evil and wanting to bar. 3 High on swing, play late. Photographed and walked.
Luxor What was once a surveillance department on training wheels is now a train wreck. 1 Low during day/swing. Just walk out.
Mandalay Bay Good people, but they don't care. (See MGM Grand.) 3 High on swing, play late. Photographed and walked.
MGM Grand Since they became a monopoly, they have made it mandatory that all properties share reports. This has turned into a finger-pointing, shame/blame game to the point where nobody wants to see or know anything (or, at least, admit to it). Take them for everything. The floor and the eye are too in fear for their jobs to see or say anything. 1 Low during day. Photographed and walked.
Mirage See MGM. 1 Low during day. Photographed and walked.
Monte Carlo What was once a good run for the money is now the shame of the strip. A new surveillance director is chasing out legendary surveillance agents. The floor is still strong during grave and day shift. 1 Low due to mis-management Photographed and walked.
New York New York MGM strikes again. 2 Medium-Low Photographed and walked.
Palace Station A Fortune 100 Best Place to Work. This means that the employees care. Take cheap shots here but they don't like big action. 4 High: They suspect everyone. Photographed and walked.
Palms A hippie joint. They have so much going on that they don't know what's going on. 2 Medium-Low Photographed and walked.
Paris Good people upstairs, deaf people downstairs. 2 Medium-Low Photographed and walked.
Rio Now just a grind joint. Play grave. 1 Low, but floor sweats dumb stuff Walked and that's all
Riviera Strong eye, weak floor . Play any shift other than swing. 2 Medium-Low Walked and that's all
Sahara This joint was just purchased by a Hollywood billionaire and the surveillance director was given carte blanche to hire the best. All shifts upstairs are paranoid. Don't waste your time. 4 Auto-shuffler hell: Don't bother Photographed and walked.
Stratosphere You can't win here. Enough said. 5 High: They even suspect each other. Photographed and walked.
Terrible's Strong floor. 5 High. Good crew on all shifts. Photographed and walked.
Treasure Island MGM property. They share all reports, photos, card counter info, etc. Being in one MGM joint is like being in all of them. 1 Low Photographed and walked.
Tropicana Major changes here. Play swing to grave only. 3 High on day; play swing Walked and that's all.
Venetian Grave is the best. They don't sweat the money because they have good help both upstairs and on the floor. Caution. 5 High. Best of the best. Photographed and walked.
Wild Wild West 1 to 2 in silver in appropriate here, if that's what you're looking for. 1 Low. You could muck a slot here. Walked and that's all.
Wynn LV The best of the best. If you must play Wynn, don't do it on grave. 5 High. Top grade up and down. Photographed and walked.
Las Vegas Downtown
Binion's What a ghost town. If you play here, you may be the only one. 1 Low Walked and that's all.
California Spreads are tolerated but only for Hawaiians. Stay with a crowd. 1 Low. Same employees since WWII. Walked and that's all.
El Cortez All original carpet, wallpaper, and employees. A one-person surveillance room, and the floor is busy with break-in dealers. 0 Run amok! Walked at best.
Fitzgerald's This place refuses to hire educated help. It's all yours. 0 Low. Have fun. Walked at best.
Four Queens This place is open only for show. They don't actually want any gambling. 5 High. Sweat, sweat, sweat. Photographed and walked.
Fremont Better go to Girls of Glitter Gulch, where they take bigger action and you'll leave with more money in your wallet. 5 Sweat, sweat, sweat Photographed and walked.
Golden Gate Small time, peanuts. 0 Small time. They only hope someone will play. Walked at best.
Golden Nugget What was once Wynn's shining star is now a good place to double your wad. Play on weekends and holidays and only on swing. 3 High on day, play swing. Photographed and walked.
Las Vegas Club Paranoid floor personnel. 5 High. Strange rules make for sweaty floor. Photographed and walked.
Main Street Station Good beer and food. Do they offer games? If so, stick with silver. 4 High. They suspect all. Photographed and walked.
Plaza If you must play here, play the slots. 5 High. Old pros work here. Walked at best.
Las Vegas Outskirts
Arizona Charlie's The eye is clueless, the floor is blind. Table limits will limit your score. 0 Run amok on all shifts. Walked and that's all.
Arizona Charlie's Boulder It's a horror show. Upstairs fights with the floor, and they're both wrong. Too paranoid. Stay away. 5 High. Small place, too much heat. Photographed and walked.
Boulder Station Station Casinos seems to put their worst people here. 1 Low. More into catching fraudulent checks. Walked and that's all.
Cannery Surveillance is a joke. 0 Try late swing. Walked and that's all.
Fiesta Henderson Great for the grind. No big action. 3 High on day, play swing. Walked at best.
Gold Coast Low action equals a waste of time. 5 High. Small place with too much heat. Photographed and walked.
Green Valley Ranch Great for the grind. No big action. Grave rules. 3 High on swing, play late. Photographed and walked.
Orleans The strongest of the Coast joints. Profitable after their Arena crowd lets out. 3 Medium, but high on day shift. Photographed and walked.
Red Rock Station's swankest joint for Summerlin locals. Rich folks who bet small. 5 High. Small place, too much heat. Photographed and walked.
Sam's Town An easy play. 1 Low, especially on day. Walked and that's all.
Santa Fe A locals' joint where the employees know everybody by name. No profit potential. 5 High. Small place, too much heat for unknowns. Walked and that's all.
South Pointe Once a formidable foe, but the corporate machine being what it is, it's all yours during day and grave. 2 Medium-Low. Walked and that's all.
Sun Coast Hit and run by all means. 0 Run amok. Walked and that's all.
Sunset Station Great for the grind. Swing and day are best. 2 Medium-Low Walked and that's all.
Texas Station Great buffet and silver action. 5 Small place, too much heat. Photographed and walked.
Avi This place is hurting so bad for business that they'll let you do whatever you want as long as you stay there. 0 Grave is best. Walked and that's all.
Colorado Belle Too well lit but the camera coverage is elementary to say the least. Watch out for the floor, but no need to worry much. 0 Run amok any time. Walked and that's all.
Edgewater Was once a Mandalay joint but is now being sold by MGM. Beat them like they owe you money. You still have a few weeks left. 0 Two words: Day shift Walked and that's all.
Flamingo/ Aquarius They've pumped some money into the place and will cover any action you've got. They don't know paranoid yet. 0 Low on all shifts Walked and that's all.
Golden Nugget Laughlin The employees are having more fun than the players. Take 'em to the cleaners. 1 Day shift is easiest to beat Photographed and walked.
Harrah's Laughlin Surveillance room is a closet in the basement. We got to see their poor video coverage thanks to the Hells Angels. 2 Medium-Low Photographed and walked.
Pioneer Fun place, and the employees are in a constant state of confusion. Green brings little attention since they want to be one of the big boys. 1 Low Walked and that's all.
Ramada Express Surveillance director is married to GCB. 5 High. GCB connected. Photographed and walked.
Riverside Was once a contender, but they're cutting their budget and the I.Q. of their game protectors. Best bet on weekends. 2 Medium-Low. Play when busy. Walked and that's all.
Buffalo Bill's Take your time. Grave is best. 3 High on swing. Play late. Walked and that's all.
Gold Strike Good floor, bad eye. 3 High on day, play swing. Walked and that's all.
Nevada Landing Soon to be Nevada Landfill. It's going down in order to help MGM's need to conquer the world. 0 Run amok. You could walk them!
Primm Valley Any spread in lower denominations. Blind floor. 1 Low. Lots of grinders and traffic. They won't notice you.
Whiskey Pete's Twilight Zone of the has-beens! No fear from above. 1 Low. Seems Pete's on the whiskey. Walked and that's all.
Casablanca Swing proves that there is profit in chaos. 1 Low on all shifts. Walked and that's all.
Oasis An AP's oasis it's not, but you can grind at low stakes. 2 Low. They request that all card counters turn themselves in. Walked and that's all.
Virgin River Silver to green is good on weekends, but try it on weekdays and you'll be trying to get on the witness protection list. 2 Low Walked and that's all.

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