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The 2006 Las Vegas Area Casino Surveillance Report Card is an assessment of casino surveillance departments in Las Vegas, Laughlin, Mesquite, and Jean/Primm, by fellow casino surveillance agents. Read on to find out how they rate the various casinos' surveillance equipment and personnel.
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2006 Casino Surveillance Report Card

Understand casino surveillance strengths and weakness in Las Vegas as seen by casino surveillance agents themselves.
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The PowerSim project is developing blackjack simulation software for card counters and other advantage players that will sim the strategies professional players use to beat casino surveillance.

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Las Vegas Area Casino Surveillance Ratings

By The Vindicator and the Las Vegas Area Surveillance Mafia
© 2006 Blackjack Forum Online

[Editor's note: The Las Vegas Surveillance Mafia and its colleagues in Jean, Primm and Laughlin are a loosely-knit group of respected Las Vegas area casino surveillance agents. This 2006 report card reflects both their opinions on the current game protection capabilities of their casino surveillance colleagues, and their view of the conditions under which their colleagues must work. In some cases, while their opinion of a casino surveillance department may have been high, they gave a low grade to a casino because they believe the surveillance department there is hampered in its duties by bad equipment or inept personnel and procedures in other departments.

There are some surprising changes in this year's surveillance report card. The Vindicator and crew have also added ratings for casinos in Laughlin, Mesquite, Jean and Primm this year.

Players may find that the ratings of these surveillance experts differ in some cases from their own opinions. Again, these ratings are not based upon these experts' experience at the tables, but on their perspective as surveillance personnel.

Disclaimer: All of the information in this chart is based on the observations and subjective opinions of individuals whose information may be incomplete or inaccurate. Use this as a guide only, and bear in mind that conditions within the casino industry are constantly changing.

And be sure to read the entry on Oasis, in Mesquite. My favorite.
Arnold Snyder]

2006 Las Vegas Area Casino Surveillance Report Card
Part I

Las Vegas Strip Area
Casino Recording Abilities Camera Placement Overall Coverage Surveillance Knowledge Floor Knowledge Comments
Aladdin Average Good Good Average Average Large turnover in surveillance staff (still). Always hiring; grave has light coverage.
Bally's Poor Average Average Average Average Strong day shift in surveillance, weak day shift on the floor.
Barbary Coast Poor Poor Poor Good Average Strong surveillance on all shifts.
Bellagio Good Good Good Average Average All the right equipment. If they only knew how to use it.
Boardwalk Poor Poor Poor Poor Poor Rest in peace.
Caesars Palace Good Average Good Poor Good Up-tight surveillance that used to jump to conclusions. New surveillance management.
Circus Circus Poor Poor Poor Poor Average The floor is the only thing keeping the doors open.
Excalibur Poor Good Poor Poor Good They should invest some of the profits back into the place— especially training. The dealers run the place.
Flamingo LV Poor Good Good Poor Average Either remodel it or tear it down. Surveillance ain't what it used to be.
Frontier Poor Average Poor Poor Average No real surveillance to speak of but the floor is easily spooked.
Hard Rock Good Average Good Good Good Tight crew both upstairs and on the floor. Exercise caution and good judgment.
Harrah's LV Average Average Good Good Average Surveillance doesn't have the tools to do the job.
Imperial Palace Poor Average Poor Poor Good Untrained employees, poor equipment.
Klondike Poor Average Average Poor Average Is there even a surveillance room? 8th wonder of the world!
LV Hilton Good Good Good Average Good Surveillance is not up to snuff; but watch out for the floor.
Luxor Average Good Average Poor Good Surveillance is getting better but they have a long way to go.
Mandalay Bay Good Good Good Average Average A mixture of equipment; they lost all the strong people when it sold out to MGM.
MGM Good Good Good Poor Good Strong floor, weak surveillance.
Mirage Average Good Average Average Good Staff feels neglected, equipment is old.
Monte Carlo Average Average Average Poor Average Cameras are old, weak upstairs, strong floor on day shift.
New York New York Good Average Average Average Average Surveillance and floor can be strong when they work together (which is never).
Palace Station Poor Average Average Average Good Disorganized in all aspects.
Palms Good Good Good Good Good Young, energetic surveillance and floor. They keep to themselves. Caution.
Paris Average Average Average Poor Good Power hungry group ready to backstab each other for a promotion. Dangerous to AP's.
Rio Average Average Average Poor Average Was once a formidable opponent, let's leave it at that.
Riviera Poor Average Average Good Average Strong swing shift runs a skeleton crew. Good for hit and run play.
Sahara Average Poor Average Average Poor Starting to invest in surveillance. The floor is blind.
Stardust Poor Average Average Good Good Lots of old-timers who know what they're doing but only average communication between floor and surveillance.
Stratosphere Good Poor Average Poor Poor They're like a musical band in which everyone is playing a different song.
Terrible's Good Good Good Average Good I wouldn't play there unless it was slots or craps. Caution.
Treasure Island Average Average Average Average Average Once feared as a lion but now is a pussycat. Go grave, baby!
Tropicana Poor Poor Average Poor Poor Reactive upstairs and downstairs but not proactive. A good place to hit on weekends.
Tuscany Good Good Good Average Good Where're the people? Only play on weekends or during large conventions or shows.
Venetian Good Good Good Average Good The best surveillance team ever. If you don't believe this, just ask them. They'll tell you! A few lost souls.
Westward Ho Poor Poor Poor Poor Poor Westward No-Mo. Another one eats it.
Wild Wild West Poor Poor Poor Poor Poor The dealers will tell you how to play your hand. The info is usually wrong but God bless'em just the same.
Wynn LV Good Good Good Good Good The best of all worlds. Possibly the best in game protection.
Las Vegas Downtown
Binion's Poor Poor Poor Poor Average What a waste.
California Poor Poor Poor Poor Average See above. Low table max wagers draws plunkie-flunkies.
El Cortez Poor Poor Poor Poor Poor Same carpet since it opened. Break-in City for dealers—lots of mistakes (in your favor).
Fitzgerald's Average Poor Poor Poor Average Always hiring surveillance employees, requesting "6 months experience." Figure it out.
Fremont Average Poor Poor Poor Poor No real protection.
Gold Spike Average Average Poor Average Poor Grind only. Pit sweats the slot players!!
Golden Gate Poor Poor Poor Poor Average Great place to play after bingo lets out.
Golden Nugget Good Good Good Good Good These people keep to themselves.
Lady Luck Average Good Average Good Good Low stakes only. Good floor and surveillance but they do get complacent.
Las Vegas Club Poor Average Poor Poor Poor If only they could take action.
Main Street Station Average Average Good Average Average They share info with any- and everyone.
Plaza Poor Poor Poor Poor Poor No further comment.
Las Vegas Outskirts
Silverton Good Good Good Average Average Always looking for surveillance people. Good floor but you can pull the wool over surveillance.
Cannery Good Good Good Average Average They know their locals and you will stick out.
Fiesta Rancho Average Average Average Poor Average Play for chump change only.
Silver Nugget Poor Poor Poor Poor Poor Good grief! You can't possibly be this desparate.
Texas Station Average Average Good Poor Good Play on Friday and Saturday nights.
Arizona Charlie's Boulder Poor Poor Average Poor Average Bring a bucket for your winnings while they go after innocent locals.
Nevada Palace Poor Poor Poor Poor Poor Open season for grinders, 24/7.
Sam's Town Average Average Average Average Average Best when crowded.
Avi Good Good Average Average Average Both positive and negative reports on this place. Good luck.
Colorado Belle Poor Average Poor Poor Good Floor is sharp but note the lack of surveillance cameras.
Edgewater Average Average Average Poor Good Day shift is strong but they can't keep up on busy weekends.
Flamingo Laughlin Good Good Average Good Good See above.
Golden Nugget Laughlin Good Good Good Average Good We would play Harrah's before playing here.
Harrah's Laughlin Good Average Good Average Good Smartest group in Laughlin (just ask them). We always play there when passing through.
Ramada Express Good Good Good Good Good Well run and stocked with smart people.
River Palms Average Average Average Average Average Quick to back room or 86.
Riverside Average Average Average Average Average Dedicated employees who are ready to retire (or should be). Weekends only.
Buffalo Bill's Average Average Average Poor Poor See the next two entries.
Gold Strike Poor Poor Poor Average Poor Laid back, with little or no surveillance.
Nevada Landing Poor Poor Poor Poor Average Known as "The Truck Stop."
Primm Valley Average Average Poor Average Average Play after concerts and on Sunday nights.
Whiskey Pete's Average Poor Good Poor Poor Slow except for Sunday nights.
Casablanca Average Poor Poor Poor Average Nice place to stay and play on the weekends only. Otherwise it's dead and sweaty.
Oasis Poor Average Poor Average Good Casino relies almost 100% on the floor. The floor relies on advantage players to turn themselves in.
Virgin River Average Average Average Average Average Check out the surveillance wiring (exposed). Good for some modest cash withdrawals.

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