Check out the Las Vegas Surveillance Mafia's  Card Counters' Convention Camo Calendar for the best opportunities for card counting camouflage.
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The Las Vegas Card Counters' Convention Camo Calendar

Card Counting Camouflage and Casino Surveillance
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Camouflage your card counting play from casino surveillance Las Vegas Card Counters' Convention
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How to Blend in With the Crowd: The Las Vegas Convention Calendar

By The Vindicator and the Las Vegas Surveillance Mafia
© 2006 Blackjack Forum
[From Blackjack Forum Vol. XXV #1, Winter 2005/06]

[Note from Arnold Snyder: Although we haven't updated the Las Vegas card counters' convention caldendar since 2006, I still consult it before going out to play. Just google the convention you're interested in, and double-check exact places and dates.]

In the 2002/03 Winter issue of Blackjack Forum, Cellini provided the first Card Counters' Convention Camo Calendar. It was one of the most popular features we ever had in the print version of the magazine.

In fact, I consulted it constantly myself in 2003 before playing, in order to choose casinos where the crowds would be, knowing in advance the types of players and action that would be around.

The Las Vegas Surveillance Mafia, headed up by The Vindicator, has produced this year's Card Counter's Convention Calendar in Cellini's memory. Thanks, guys. I always enjoy listening to you talk among yourselves.

Be sure to check out their top five convention camo opportunities.


1/12 Stardust America Auctions (High End Cars) 2200 2 These people bid on expensive cars and motorcycles. I'm talking $25,000+ for an old piece of Detroit Motor City steel. They have the money but they don't gamble much except on cars.
1/13 Riviera Snap-On Tools 3000 3 These guys sell expensive tools. They can afford to gamble, and they do. Dress is button up shirt and jeans. Ask the dealer if her hubby is a mechanic (sales pitch) and carry one of those mini screwdrivers in your pocket.
1/15 Venetian IBM 18,000 6 Your odds at finding some real gamblers out of the expected 18,000 people are good. The uniform includes a tie.
1/16 Caesars Cadence Design (Semi Conductors) 850 3 Caesars is a candy store and having 850 people walking around the casino between 5 and 10 pm is an invitation for all AP's. These computer people don't play high stakes, but they don't mind if you jump in and out of games.
1/17 All Concrete Expo 80,000 3 These guys rock! Black action fine, but only between 3 and 8 pm. These guys get up early.
1/19 All Off-Road Show 10,000 3 They live on the edge and play the same way. Casual dress and wear any race/speed related t-shirt and (important) wear a ball cap backwards. Play at the casinos that are closest to the Sands Expo Center.
1/20 Buffalo Bill's Gold Prospectors Group 3000 3 3000 people is massive for Buffalo Bill's. You won't get rich but you will get away with a spread.
1/20 Palms International Stamp Collectors 1000 2 Dress nerdy and wear glasses. Don't expect big action from this crowd.
1/22 LV Hilton Art & Frame Show 5100 4 A very tight-waddish group.
1/23 Green Valley Ranch Abbott Labs 200 4 Pharmaceutical company located in Illinois. Should provide some opportunity.
1/24 Mirage H-D Aftermarket Show 1500 3 Not only do they drink, they eat the glass afterwards. They will money without a second thought. Act grumpy and wear worn-out clothes and always have a drink in your hand and a pack of smokes in your breast pocket.
1/24 Mandalay TV Exec Association 10,000 3 This group sells stuff to the TV big wigs. They are loaded with money and they are not afraid to spend it.
1/24 Mandalay Snow Sports Industries 16,000 3 Money in the bank! After their meetings, these 'shop owners' go downstairs and play. They don't play big money but they will keep the floor busy for you.
1/30 All Hobby Industries Assoc. 21,000 4 They don't take life (or money) too seriously. They will congregate downtown and play lots of green action.
1/30 All World Market Assoc. 35,000 5 This group goes to conventions and trade shows to advertise that they go to conventions and trade shows. They play and their action is well tolerated by the casinos.
2/1 All Tile & Stone Group 1000 2 Good, fun-loving bunch. The dealers and casinos love them. Gamblers. Dress down, relax and enjoy. They like to stay at the Monte Carlo and New York, New York.
2/6 LV Flamingo Reverse Logistics Consultants 450 3 They are early risers and small bettors.
2/6 NYNY Dial Corp. 350 4 These are the "Dial Corp" biggies. Some of them are worth millions. Expect some big action while they're here.
2/7 Paris Grocers Association 2500 4 You'll stick out if you buy in with any bills larger than $20's. They go to bed at 9 pm.
2/9 All Gun & Hunting Show 45,000 4 They love to gamble. The town should be rocking.
2/10 All World Shoe Association 35,000 4 They're shoe sales clerks and this is their only chance to live. It's a large group. Watch for them at MGM, Bally's and Mandalay Bay.
2/13 Riviera Aquaculture Society 4000 5 These kind folks do everything from DNA testing to giving sharks mouth to mouth resuscitation. Most come from the East so play according to Eastern Standard Time. Dress is casual/jeans
2/14 Mandalay Roofing Contractors Association 8100 4 They have money and they love to gamble. Wear plaid, worn out jeans and keep a pencil in your shirt pocket.
2/15 Gold Coast Nelrod Company 200 2 This is a disaster planning group that's claiming this to be on a research mission. Expect some wild red action. Gold Coast is not ready for a group of 200 and never will be. Hit and run.
2/17 Venetian West Coast Exclusive 4000 5 They deal in every thing from men's clothes to digital art. Dress nice and play at the Venetian and, for reasons we can't divulge, play at Mandalay too.
2/19 Caesars Data Warehousing (Educational) 900 5 Not gamblers. They don't belong in Vegas. They don't belong at Caesars.
2/20 All ASAP Global (Textile Show) 7000 4 They're known to play and they tip well.
2/20 Rio Womens Wear 5000 3 Not a big event but this group will stay and play at the Rio and the Orleans and the pit gets very crowded after dinner. Reports say the fashion colors this year are lime green and powder blue. If you want to fit in, wear Caribbean.
2/21 Mirage Petrol Marketers 4500 3 These people will provide every possible cover scenario you could wish for. Carry a slot coin bucket for extra insurance.
2/21 All Magic International 120,000 4 Huge event. This is a fashion/clothing thing. Lots of action everywhere.
2/26 Venetian Limo and Chauffeur Show 2700 3 A suit is needed if you want to do as the Romans do.
2/28 Excalibur Vendors 300 4 Vendor lessee company. Just the fact that there will be 300 people there will overload the floor and the eye. The fun starts at 6 PM.
2/28 Mandalay Inside Self Storage Expo 2000 4 Good-sized group for Mandalay where there is less than superb game coverage.
3/1 All Electric West 5000 3 Downtown is the place ifor this small-betting group.
3/1 All Vacuum Dealers Trade Association 4000 3 Another big group that bets small.
3/1 All Awards & Recognition Association 5100 4 See the two entries immediately above. Not worth leaving home.
3/2 Mandalay Exhibitor 2006 4700 7 This is a trade show group that goes to a Vegas trade show to push their trade shows! Mainly it's an excuse for them to go out and tie one on. They have the money and they will be trying to impress clients. Expect black action.
3/7 All Nightclub & Bar Convention 38,000 2 This group knows how to party and they do. Last year they beat expectations and left a lot of loot in Vegas. Dress is super casual, with loose-fitting puffy shirts and tight jeans.
3/7 All Travel Goods Association 5000 2 This group doesn't play much.
3/11 Aladdin National Accredited Breast Conference 900 4 Huh? Aladdin surveillance is overzealous so be careful.
3/12 Mandalay IBM Corp. 6000 4 Expect a major overload on the game protection personnel. Dress up and loosen your tie.
3/13 All International Carwash Assoc. 9000 3 They party but they don't bet big, maybe green.
3/13 Bally's Showest 10,500 3 Motion picture people. This probably ranks among the top 5 best trade shows to exploit.
3/14 All International Pizza Expo 15,000 3 These are the owners, not the employees. They play and party.
3/14 LV Flamingo ITEX Show 2006 3000 4 This is a real training seminar that most attendees dread, but class is dismissed at 5 pm. Allow them some time to change and eat, then they'll let loose.
3/16 All Builders & Contractors Inc. 4100 2 The town is crowded with green action because of the three conventions going on at the same time (see below).
3/16 All NSCA Systems Integration Expo 12,000 3 See above.
3/16 All Solid Surface Int'l Expo 3500 3 See above. It's no accident that these events are scheduled at the same time.
3/19 Mandalay Snack Food Assoc. 3000 4 Snack food is a boom industry and these people will be throwing money around and making silly plays. Between this group and the concurrent "TeleCom Next" show (see below), Mandalay will be jumping.
3/19 Mandalay Telecom Next 15,000 5 See above. This will be a fun few nights.The security is more relaxed now. Dress casual.
3/22 All Medtrade Spring 5000 2 Home Health Care product suppliers. They bill insurance companies so they have money and they play. Button up shirt or polo required to blend in.
3/22 All ASI Show Inc. 12,000 2 Good gambling group. They feel the need to impress people so they're not afraid to drop money.
3/23 All Nat'l Auto Merchandising Assoc. 7100 2 Dress the part and you're In like Flynn. This show is another in the top 5 for card counting camo. The fact that there will be another big show going on at the same time (see below) makes for an excellent few days in town. Wear a Pennzoil or STP hat and any t-shirt that depicts a car or truck and you won't get a second look. Head south. Luxor, Excalibur, Flamingo, N.Y, N.Y., and Monte Carlo should be given the most consideration.
3/23 All North American Bridal Assoc. 5000 3 Not very significant and not big bettors, but when you add the National Auto Merchandising show (above), this makes for a good time. No wedding gown or tuxedo required.
3/26 Venetian Resort Development Assoc. 3400 4 Worth a look since it's at the Venetian. Expect them to hit the tables between 7 and 9 pm. A very casual group.
3/26 Mandalay Allied Domecq PLC 5000 5 These are the good folks behind Ballantine's scotch, Beefeater gin, Kahlua liqueur, Sauza tequila, Canadian Club whiskey, and Courvoisier cognac. Great group for gambling camo!
3/27 LV Hilton World Tea Expo 2500 3 Don't waste your time at the tea expo when the scotch and whiskey expo is right down the street (see above).
3/28 All NATO Conference & Expo 4000 2 This is a tobacco trade show. All kinds of gambling will be going on.
3/28 All Aviation Industry Week 7500 2 They have big bucks but mostly of it goes into their addiction (airplanes). Concentrate on the south Strip casinos.
3/28 Rio Int'l Textiles & Sewing Expo 2000 2 Not a big gambling group.
3/29 All Construction Specs Institute 7000 3 Play downtown. Follow the crowd. Dress down and keep a drink in your hand.
4/1 Klondike Card Counters Reunion 500 1 Snapper pays 4 to 1. (April Fools!)
4/2 Rio International Lingerie Show 3000 3 Go for the view but not the gambling.
4/2 Mandalay Scrap Recycling Group 3000 4 Not big spenders but they are big drinkers. Wait for the alcohol to kick in and then ride their coat tails.
4/3 Orleans Embroidery Conference 350 4 They hang around the casino before and after their afternoon meetings. Very loyal to the Orleans. Dumb (appearing) moves will be tolerated, but not big action.
4/4 All Waste Expo 16,000 4 Lots of people and they will be hanging out at the Bellagio/four-corners area. Gamblers. Ultra casual dress will get you by.
4/5 Bellagio AICC (Cardboard box makers union) 600 3 Union group out to paint the town. Most will go across the street to get away from their annoying friends. Play at Bally's. Dress casual.
4/5 All Wedding Photographers Int'l. 7500 7 Members are well to do and will grind away all night long. Wear a camera or any kind of badge. This will be a busy week in Vegas.
4/5 All CTIA The Wireless Association 35,000 3 Expect the Sahara and the Strat to be very busy.
4/10 Bally's Wine & Spirits Wholesalers 2000 4 Alcohol wholesalers group. Dress semi-uppity but no tie.
4/12 Mandalay Hotel Restaurant Show 5000 2 Slow group but any 5000+ people in one area is a good thing for card counters.
4/18 Rio McLane Company 2000 3 A leading distribution (trucking) company, this is a time for them to get out and have some fun.
4/20 Texas International Lions Club 150 3 Wait for them to hit the pit then blend in. The Texas Station is small and 120 to 150 people will have them running.
4/24 All National Association of Broadcasters 13,500 4 The NAB rounds off our top 5 opportunities list. They play long and hard with little or no skill. The floor won't sweat you. All casinos are open but MGM and Monte Carlo are the best bets. Black action is fine.
4/27 Circus Heritage Festivals (Music Ed) 1200 3 Relaxed game protection and a group that has little to no gaming experience makes for nice cover for card counters. This crowd likes the Dockers look.
4/27 All Hospitality Design Expo 20,000 3 Lots of people and they tend to stay around the Bellagio but they also play at the south Strip casinos.
4/28 Plaza Rubber Stamp Round Up 1500 2 This is nothing but a big party. The Plaza and its neighbors will be swamped with nickel and dime action. Good time for mid-shoe entries. Don't worry about the eye here.
4/30 Mandalay Networld + Interop 20,000 5 Security and Internet Solutions company that's all business. Expect the Mandalay, Excalibur and the Luxor to be busy after 7 pm.
5/1 Mandalay Academy Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 800 4 These doctors do elective surgery and they don't come cheap. They seem to live for these types of outings.
5/7 Hyatt Lake LV Int'l Saloon Association 300 3 300 people at the Hyatt Regency, Lake Las Vegas is nothing to sneeze at. This place isn't too big but you can get lost in this crowd. It's a classy place so dress nice.
5/7 Luxor West VA University Alumni 300 3 College grads behaving badly. This is like a reunion where they try to Out Macho each other. Dress like an M.I.T. team member.
5/8 LV Flamingo Mission Planners Conference 1300 5 This show has a military theme. They take things seriously so don't expect any big opportunities here. It's worth a look only if you have nothing else to do.
5/9 All LV Gourmet Housewares Show 9000 3 These people do get down and have fun after their meetings. Not big play but lots of crowded tables. Dress is jeans and t-shirts.
5/17 All Wireless Communication Expo 15,000 3 Large group with lots of money that likes to play. You won't go wrong playing at any casino within a stone's throw of Caesars.
5/19 All Int'l Door Assoc. 4600 2 Construction/builder types. Plan to play downtown.
5/21 Rio Current Concepts Inst. 1400 5 A group out of Cleveland, Ohio, and they arrive revved up to play.
5/21 All Int'l Council of Shoppers 35,000 4 These people are into making money and they have it to spend. They're here to gamble and black action will be everywhere.
5/26 Palace National Pinochle Assoc. 500 3 Might be worth a look. 500 great pinochle players, but awful blackjack players, at the Plaza. Could be sweet for moderate play.
5/22 Stardust Int'l Assoc of Healthcare Mgmt 400 4 A relatively new group but we expect them to be frugal.
5/29 Paris US Mayors Conference 1250 10 Nope, no reason to go.
5/30 All Lightfair Int'l 17,000 3 Yet another housing related lighting show. Check out the T.I and the Mirage.
6/2 All JCK Show 40,000 5 Seriously, this is the big jewelry show that draws theft rings from all over the world. Surveillance departments will be too busy watching for thieves to watch the tables. Be careful and don't carry any real amount of money on your person. Leave your fake Rolex at home. Watch your back when you cash out and don't walk out to your car alone if you've won any real money.
6/3 All Cosmetics & Spa Conference 35,000 3 It's the attack of the rich and vain people. Between this group and the one listed below, there's some big money in town. Expect the south Strip casinos to be busy after dark. Dress neatly and make sure your hair looks perfect. Try to get some of those free shampoo samples so that you can throw them at the floor people. Black action works well here.
6/3 All LV Hair & Nail Conference 15,000 3 See above.
6/9 All Home/Lifestyle Show 15,000 3 See you at South Coast!
6/12 Mirage Medical Ed Class 600 4 Don't bother.
6/12 Paris Risk Mgmt Assoc. 1400 3 Their name says it all. Be anywhere but at the Paris.
6/15 All Western Truck Show 30,000 3 Great gambling group! Black action is fine. Stick with the 8 corners (the Bellagio and MGM intersections). Dress down and wear a Mack Truck cap or something similar.
6/19 All Cisco Systems 15,000 5 This is a computer type training seminar (so they tell their spouses) and they're not known to bet big but they will make serous case bets on the night before they leave.
6/22 Stardust American Nurse Assoc. 550 4 Be ready on their last night of their stay. They will let their hair down and the Stardust will be swamped. Dress well.
6/26 All Electrical Apparatus Service Assoc. 3100 4 Appliance repair people. No spectacular opportunities here.
6/28 All International Bowl Expo 7200 2 Wear a shirt with a name embroidered on the front. Stick close to the casinos around the Las Vegas Convention Center.
7/9 All Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO 3500 3 Union people. They'll be hanging around the Venetian and they play. What more could you ask for?
7/13 All Locksmiths of America 4500 3 Fun group. There will be 4500 of them so, you can profit off of this. Expect Whoopee cushions and ties that squirt water. Let them distract the pit while you do your thing.
7/14 Mirage Iron Ship Builders 1400 6 They make good money and they gamble real money. The Mirage and the T.I. will be hopping all week.
7/14 Rio Jayco Inc. 550 8 R.V manufacturer. These are Kentucky boys and girls. Watch for the desperate moves. Most will stay and play at the Rio.
7/15 All National Nutri Foods Assoc. 8100 2 Play at any casino near the Sands Expo center. Dress casual and look confused.
7/16 Mandalay Cosmoprof of North America 30,000 3 This is a professional beauty industry show. These people play just so they can show off their good looks.
7/17 Bally's Pawnbroker's Association 1200 4 They're here to gamble and have fun. Wear a nice watch and gold rings or bracelets to blend in.
7/19 All Sportfishing Assoc. of America 6100 3 Wear a fish-hook cap and you'll do just fine. This party will be at the downtown casinos.
7/19 All Marine Accessories & Trade Show 2050 3 The people that go to these shows are loaded and like to spend their money.
7/26 Riviera ESP Inc. 500 4 Sorry, it's an Ultrasound company. Don't bother.
7/26 All IDEA Heath & Fitness Assoc. 5650 3 Fitness freaks. They don't drink or gamble so don't bother.
7/30 MGM American Radiology Administrators 3000 4 "The American Healthcare Radiology Administrators is a resource for development of professional leadership in imaging sciences." Listen, any organization that uses this many big words to describe what they do charges an arm and a leg to do it. They will play in Silver Alley.
7/31 All World Market Center 35,000 5 They play and their action is well tolerated by the casinos. Add extra travel time if you're meeting a team—they move like herds of cows.
8/1 Mandalay World Shoe Assoc. 36,000 4 If you've ever had one of these jobs, you know this is their only chance to live. It's a large group and they'll crowd the MGM, Bally's and Mandalay Bay.
8/6 Riviera Postal Supervisors Association 5100 7 Strictly red action.
8/7 Bally's Plumbers & Pipefitters Union, U.S. & Canada 7550 5 Union boys. They make good money and they gamble.
8/9 New Frontier 1st Cavalry (Mustangs) Assoc. 225 5 Retired service men having a reunion. Small bettors, they'll play all day.
8/13 All Surplus Dealers ASD/AMD 52,150 5 These guys are gamers and they travel in packs. They make for excellent card counter camo.
8/22 Mandalay Recharger Magazine 5100 5 A monthly publication based on the business community's need for printer cartridges. Strictly small action.
8/27 Orleans China Peoples Friendship Association 100 2 Unless you have the look, don't bother.
8/28 Venetian ASAP Global Sourcing Show 7500 4 Clothes and textiles. They do play. A good opportunity to make money.
9/2 Riviera California Cake Club 220 4 Boy, the Riv gets all the good groups! Anything more than red action will draw fire from the pit.
9/8 All North American Bridal Assoc. 3100 4 Wedding stuff and junk. This is one of those giddy school girl shows. Don't bother.
9/9 Golden Nugget National Exchangers Council 200 4 This is a non-profit group dedicated to real estate law and such. They're not known to gamble much but they will hang out at the Golden Nugget. Dress is casual but no jeans.
9/9 Wynn Lighting Association Conference 610 3 This group falls in with the contractors and the builders. They're meeting at Wynn because they're stinking rich. They will play and they won't ever leave the Wynn casino. Be careful, they have a few sharp eyes in the sky at Wynn that work swing.
9/9 LV Hilton Car Rental Show 700 3 This convention lasts all day and into the night. The only time they'll emerge to play will be between 10 pm and 3 am.
9/10 All ABC Kids Expo 8000 4 Hard to believe, but they drink and play. Dress down to blend in.
9/10 Mandalay ICCM/Techlearn 7000 4 About 50% of them play slots but the rest are blackjack and Caribbean Poker players and they love the Bellagio and the Monte Carlo.
9/10 Caesars Trimega Publishing Assoc. 600 6 These are Dot Com people. They're players and they're at Caesars. Dress casual.
9/11 Mirage Electronic Retailing Assoc. 2800 3 Electronic media advertising company that is on the move. You won't see any black action but they will be at the tables.
9/11 Rio Government Employee Assoc. 300 3 They will be stiffer than a funeral convention. Forget it.
9/12 All True Value Fall Market 20,000 4 True Value Hardware people. Play close to the LV Convention Center and remember: They Only Come Out At Night. Wear lots of denim and be very quiet and reserved. Act like you're sweating every loss.
9/13 Circus The Fighting 65th Infantry 425 4 Retired service men doing the reunion thing.
9/15 LV Flamingo US Pro Tennis Assoc. 650 8 You're in the Flamingo so take advantage of those "dark" areas. The floor people are slow and tired; they don't like to walk to the ends of the pit. Don't drink (tennis pros don't). It helps to look perky.
9/17 New Frontier The 603rd Air Control Squadron 175 6 Anytime there're more than 5 players in the pit here, you have the edge.
9/19 Bally's Society of Women Accountants 450 5 Accountants don't gamble until they start drinking and then they only play slots. Be careful and keep your head down.
9/19 Plaza USS Hull Association 110 4 Retired Navy men regrouping. They gamble but not any high-stakes.
9/20 All Glass, Door & Window Expo 10,000 3 Wealthy bunch! Gamblers.
9/20 Palace Station USS Benner 150 4 Retired Navy men out to rehash the past. They play, just not very much. Remember they're retired so you'd better look the part if you want to appear to be one of them. Don't forget you're at the Palace Station.
9/21 LV Hilton Textile Consultants Inc. 3500 3 These are Textile and Yarn experts. Hang out at the Hilton for the after-hour binges. This crowd dresses nice.
9/25 Stardust Doll Collectors Convention 300 5 First year for this group in Vegas, so nobody knows yet if they're players.
9/25 Caesars Nurse Practitioners for Women Assoc. 500 5 They're here to have fun and they will keep the floor occupied. Dress nice.
9/27 All Graphic Imaging Assoc. 12,000 4 Digital silk screen computer graphic company. Young bunch of up and coming stars. Expect that they'll break out to black action before they leave.
9/27 All EMS Expo 5000 3 Emergency Medical Services company. They're not big players but when you factor in the group above, the tables will at least be crowded. Both groups will be meeting at the Las Vegas Convention Center but they'll be hanging out at MGM and the adjacent 4 corners.
9/28 Imperial Palace 68th Assault Helicopter Co. 100 3 Retired Vietnam vets here to have a little fun.
9/29 Riviera Beta Sigma Phi Sorority 500 3 These ladies are here for three reasons, Party, Party, Party.
9/29 Stardust Mustang Club of Las Vegas 800 3 This is a Ford Mustang club. They don't have any money because they're putting it all into their cars.
10/1 Caesars SANS Institute 1600 8 Computer Administrator Security Training. I expect the strip clubs to be busy during playing hours but it might be worth a walk through.
10/1 Wynn Independent Funeral Home Assoc. 410 4 They see death on a daily basis so in Vegas they live each day as if it were their last. Big spreads should be possible.
10/2 Rio American Home Shield 700 7 This company sells warranty insurance to home buyers. They have a ton of complaints from both customers and past employees. This can mean only one thing: Let's party! Dress nice. 700 extra people in the Rio will keep the powers that be busy and distracted.
10/3 Mandalay Bottled Water Association 2600 3 They've got money and they aren't afraid to spend it. Feel free to play in any and all pits at Mandalay while this group is in town.
10/7 All Pharmacist Association 4000 4 These guys have lots of money but not for gambling. Strictly red action.
10/8 Mandalay Employee Benefit Foundation Int'l 10,000 4 This bunch meets and discusses ways to eliminate hard-working people's benefits. They have the money (ours) to gamble and they will all hang out at the Mandalay Bay. Get lost in the crowd, especially in the West Pit where neither the floor nor the eye watches very carefully.
10/8 Green Valley Ranch Non-Ferrous Society 140 4 Aluminum, brass and bronze group. Recent prices of precious metals lead us to believe that they will have more disposable income than at their last trade show.They won't leave the Green Valley Ranch, which will keep both surveillance and the floor hopping. Dress down. Don't fear the floor and, as long as the place is busy, don't fear the eye.
10/9 All Association of Convenience Owners 25,000 3 This group has the money to spend and they do.
10/10 Riviera Sweet Adelines International 9000 5 This is a female singer and talent group. This is a huge crowd for the Rivera. Should be a good opportunity.
10/12 Rio M/C Communications 500 5 M/C Communications is a professional education group. They'll play green.
10/12 LV Flamingo Office Business Assoc. 300 3 This will be like Spring Break for this group. They will run across the street for a while but eventually they will come back and play at the Flamingo. Dress above casual but no tie.
10/15 LV Flamingo Pathology Society 1200 9 Pathology includes the study of disease. They think that gambling is a disease so most won't (in front of their peers). Better you should go downtown from the 16th to the 20th where the Osteopathic group will be.
10/16 All Osteopathic Association 10,000 4 Rich, rich, rich and they will go out after dark and have fun. Dress like anything other than a Doctor. Most hotels are already booked for this event.
10/16 Caesars Credit Union Conference 70 4 Credit unions are privately held and they do make good money. We hear this is a young, playful group and they will swarm the pit. Dress code is Dockers and a nice shirt.
10/19 All Stone Expo 8000 3 No, this isn't a "Legalize Marijuana" group, they're a stone and tile group. They drink and gamble. They wil fill the tables near the LV Convention Center.
10/20 Venetian College of Gastroenterology 6000 5 This will be more of a class than a party but this is a "first time in Vegas" group since they're still in school and most just turned of age. Expect to see a lot of dumb play.
10/20 All Entertainment Tech. Show 15,000 3 Sales people who cut loose after 5 pm. Most are from the East Coast so remember their schedules are set to Eastern Standard Time. The show is at the LV Convention Center.
10/20 Circus International Stamp Collectors 1000 2 See 1/20/06 above. The only difference is that now you'll be at Circus Circus, which lacks strong surveillance coverage.
10/25 LV Hilton Western Carwash Assoc. 2500 2 This is the "Western" chapter and not the "International" group listed above. They get loud and they play.
10/29 Caesars Dairy Management 1300 10 Expect crowded tables but small play for Caesars.
10/30 Bally's Hispanic Realtors Assoc. 2050 5 They'll loosen up late.
10/31 All Auto Products Show 130,000 4 This is a large group and they will have fun. They're known to hang out in crowds and play at the south Strip casinos. This is their last big party of the year.
10/31 All Auto Specialty Assoc. 130,000 4 See above.
11/3 Paris Gynecologic Assoc. 2500 7 Doctors that will lighten up after hours.
11/7 T.I. Northwest Imaging 200 3 This is more of an educational symposium but they will do some casual playing. 200 people running to the pit with money in hand will overwhelm the T.I. floor.
11/8 Riviera Ophthalmology Commission 3000 7 Nothing special here but the Riviera and its neighbors will be busy and none of them are known for their superb game protection. Dress nice but no tie.
11/9 Bally's American Medical Assoc. 3000 6 A good-sized group in town to get down to business. They're not known to play but a few rogue doctors will break out. Remember the Ophthalmologists are here too, putting the head count to over 6000 people within a half mile. Play on the Bally's side of the street.
11/12 All Ophthalmology Academy 25,000 4 See above..
11/13 All Specialty Tool Show 4500 3 Just a bunch of Good Ol' Boys throwing their money around. Hang out and play at the Bellagio 4-corners casinos.
11/14 Mandalay Athletic Business Conference 3100 4 Proper attire is the key. High-end casual.
11/14 All Global Gaming Expo 27,000 3 This is the show that draws all the casino protection employees out of their holes between 9 and 5 pm. They all take time off to go to the show to see what's new in the gaming protection business, all the while failing to protect their games. Strike while the iron is hot. Everyone will be wearing suits.
11/15 Rio Reconstructive Surgery Group 650 2 More doctors. They'll stick close to the Rio.
11/15 Rio Black Meeting Planners 600 4 I guess if you have the right look, go for it. This group is dedicated to helping other African Americans.
11/21 Riviera AA Roundup 3000 7 Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Las Vegas. Some of them will surely be losing at the tables.
11/28 All Pool and Spa Expo 15,000 3 They have money to burn, they like to play, there're a lot of them and they have only two nights in town. They're known to frequent the higher class, bigger casinos. Action will be fast and furious. Expect a lot of them at the MGM/New York, New York 4-corners casinos.
11/28 Paris US Dept. of Education 2500 3 They won't play, just watch.
11/30 Riviera Catholic Youth Assoc. 2400 3 Why Vegas? Stay home.
12/4 All Pharmacist Association 20,000 4 With an average annual salary between $75k and $175k, they can afford to play and they do. But they only play at the finest casinos.
12/2 Caesars US Rice Federation 650 4 This group promotes rice in the U.S. They will play at Caesars.
12/4 Green Valley Ranch National Education Assoc. 250 5 Business during the day and fun at night. They'll be playing.
12/6 All Ground Water Assoc. 5000 3 They know exactly what's in our water. For this reason, they'll be drinking straight whiskey. Be at the Nugget when the alcohol kicks in. It may turn the action from red to green.
12/8 Circus Stamp & Coin Collectors Society 1100 2 A boring group, but you're at Circus Circus, the non-surveillance casino.
12/9 Rio Internal Auditors Institute 300 8 They like the slots.
12/11 Mandalay Respiratory Care Assoc. of America 6100 3 They'll hit the casino in the evening. Dress nice.
12/13 Imperial Palace Ford Model A Club of America 450 4 They go to bed early. These people are fanatics and will be wearing Ford logo shirts, caps, etc. Blend in and hit


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