John Leib, a mathematician and engineer at Lockheed issues a challenge to Leonard Benson to test Leonard Benson's Power Numbers Blackjack system. Leonard Benson accepts the challenge. This three-part series reports on the test of Leonard Benson's Power Numbers Blackjack system.
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Leonard Benson's Power Numbers Blackjack System

Leonard Bensen's phony gambling system Power Numbers Blackjack
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Leonard Benson Takes the Challenge for Power Numbers Blackjack

By John Leib
(From Blackjack Forum XV #4, December 1995)
© 1995 Blackjack Forum

[Ed. note: In the September '95 issue of Blackjack Forum, we published a letter that mathematician John Leib wrote to Leonard Benson, in which Leib offered to test the Power Numbers Blackjack™ system, which Benson has been heavily promoting through newspaper advertisements all over the country.

Leib told Benson he wanted to use Benson's money to test the non-card-counting system, and stated that he would publish his analysis and results in Blackjack Forum. This is Leib 's follow-up report. The conclusion of the test is reported in "22 Hours of Leonard Benson's Power Numbers Blackjack System," link at the left. Arnold Snyder]

The test of the Power Numbers Blackjack™ system is ongoing as we speak. After the September issue of Blackjack Forum was distributed, I again wrote to Leonard Benson, noting the willingness of Blackjack Forum to print the results of extensive casino play in accordance with Power Numbers Blackjack (or PNB™). He responded and, in conjunction with Dr. Morton Jacobs (inventor of PNB™ ), agreed to my proposal to casino-test PNB™ and report on the results.

One change, to allay Leonard's concern about short-run bad luck, was to extend the test period from 10 sessions to 25 sessions. I, too, felt this would give us a better handle on the true strengths and weaknesses of PNB™. But this meant more time, and the test cannot be completed in time for this issue.

I have, however, begun the testing process and data taking, and expect that the entire 25 sessions will be completed in time for the March '96 issue of Blackjack Forum.

I am, of course, sworn to secrecy about the particulars of PNB™; these you must purchase. I can tell you that PNB™ is different from any system I have seen before. It is an interesting approach which has some scientific basis. Whether it is a winner remains to be demonstrated. ♠

[Nathaniel Tilton took a class with former MIT Blackjack Team member Semyon Dukach for about the same price as Leonard Benson's Power Numbers Blackjack and came out of the class to win tens of thousands of dollars from the casinos. Read the story in Tilton's book, The Blackjack Life.]

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