Professional gambler wears out the card counting opportunities in Las Vegas casinos.
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Professional Gamblers at Work

Professional gamblers and card counting in Las Vegas
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Top Ten Signs You've Been in Vegas Too Long

By Rebecca Richfield
(From Blackjack Forum Volume XIX #1, Spring 1999)
© Blackjack Forum 1999

You know you’ve been in Las Vegas too long when…

10. Dealers and other players start asking you where you work.

9. You actually come close to using some of those comp show tickets.

8. The teller at your bank’s local branch no longer asks for your ID.

7. Although your standards for “dirty” continue to slide, you have a laundry near a casino you think of as “yours.”

6. You’ve awakened from at least one dream where you were held hostage by a gun-wielding Debby Reynolds, Wayne Newton, or Steve Wynn.

5. You need an extra suitcase for your stash of hotel toiletries.

4. Daily fluffing and buffing seems like too much trouble. As you abandon shaving, make-up, and jewelry, your reflection looks amazingly like the stereotypical counter.

3. You take to carrying a hotel shower cap for surreptitiously wrapping buffet brownies to take to your room.

2. You’ve been to a mall—even if it was just to buy clean underwear. (drum roll, please)

1. You’ve stopped ordering an appetizer and dessert with every entrée when on a coffee shop comp.

--Rebecca Richfield (who didn’t reach this stage till week nine♠)

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