Winning blackjack at the professional level involves winning blackjack card counting, hole card play, shuffle tracking, ace location, and numerous other winning blackjack techniques.
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Intro to Winning Blackjack

Intro to Winning Blackjack
Professional Gamblers' Guide to Card Counting Reality Blackjack Hype vs. Blackjack Reality
Blackjack Strategy  A First Year in the Blackjack Pits
Blackjack Strategy Learn Blackjack Basic Strategy
Why Card Counting Works Card Counting
    (What It Is, Why It Works)
Blackjack Card Counting The Easy Red 7 Count
This card counting system makes it easier than ever for blackjack players to win The Even Easier OPP Count
Effects of Blackjack Rules and Number of Decks on Blackjack House Edge Calculating the House Edge
    (For any number of decks and rule set)
How Professional Gamblers Win at Blackjack Do You Have What It Takes to Win?
hole card blackjack play and the law Blackjack Hole Card Play: Tips
    By Arnold Snyder
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Blackjack Hype vs. Blackjack Reality

Playing winning blackjack is often fun, but not always. Some players, including the moderators of this Web site, make a living playing blackjack and some (including some of the moderators of this site) have gotten rich playing blackjack, but to succeed takes the same hard work it takes to succeed at anything else. Read "Blackjack Hype vs. Blackjack Reality" to learn more about what to expect (all links at the left).

What Card Counting is Really Like

To get a realistic idea of the both the fun and frustrations of playing blackjack to win, as well as the kind of money you'll make as a new card counter, see A First Year in the Blackjack Pits.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

The first and single most important step in learning to play winning blackjack is learning blackjack basic strategy. This article provides complete instructions and charts for every game, plus Basic Strategy Lite--a quick-learn version for beginners.

Why Card Counting Works

Card counting is not the only way professional gamblers make money playing in casinos, but it's where you should start, because the fundamentals of card counting will prepare you for every other form of winning blackjack play.

Start off on the right foot by reading this short article to understand card counting and why it works.

The Easy Red 7 Count and Even Easier OPP Count

Aggression and simplicity are the keys to the money. These articles provide complete instructions on using the super-easy OPP Count or the slightly more difficult but more powerful Red 7 count.

Later, when you feel ready to start counting at a professional level, we recommend the Hi-Lo Lite.

But don't feel you have to start with a professional level count. It's far important to get comfortable at the tables with an easy count than it is to start with a more powerful counting system. Your long-term success will depend on aggressive betting and remaining welcome at casinos far more than your counting system.

And you'll be surprised how easy it will be to switch to a professional-level count down the road.

Do You Have What It Takes To Succeed?

What really separates the players who go on to win at gambling from those who never quite get started?

The guts to stick with it when you're losing. Read this article to understand.

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  Winning at Blackjack
Winning blackjack takes discipline, drive, persistence and winning blackjack strategies.