This list of dishonest online casinos is based on thousands of hours of experience in online casinos by the moderators at Blackjack Forum Online. Dishonest online casinos, also called rogue online casinos, are those who either don't pay, don't honor their terms and conditions, or use misleading advertising. We provide the reason in each case for a casino's inclusion in our dishonest or rogue online casinos list.
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Dishonest Online Casinos

By the Moderators at Blackjack Forum Online

Based on our own experience and reports from other professional players, in our opinions the following casinos are a danger to players.

Some use non-random software in which the payout rates appear to be rigged.

Some didn't pay winners, or required extraordinary effort to collect.

Some had exceptionally bad customer service or engaged in unethical business practices, such as refusing to honor the bonus terms and conditions in place at the time a player made a deposit.

Because we know that some experienced players will occasionally play riskier places in order to take advantage of exceptional bonuses, we have separated the most serious problems and near-criminals from the shaky-financials, stingy offers, questionable softwares and hopelessly inept so that you can decide for yourself how much risk to take. You will find this second group in our "Iffy Casinos" list below.

There are so many reputable and well-run casinos on the Internet, why take a chance on the places where other players have been having problems? And there is so much competition for customers among the good casinos, why take your action to a place with a non-competitive bonus, or bad rules or payouts?

Bear in mind that, although we strive to keep this list up to date, new crooked casinos do crop up from time to time and conditions at established casinos may change.

For more information about crooked software at an Internet casino, see Getting Rolled By LuckNRoll: Dishonest Software at an Internet Casino.

For information on good places to play online and good casino bonuses, see the Blackjack Forum recommended Internet casinos. The links are at the left. ♠

Worst of the Worst Dishonest Internet Casinos

Black Widow CasinoPlaytech St. Kitts and Nevis Worse than just slow pay: some players have been owed money for years.
Caribbean Pearl CasinoElkaBelize Crooked software
Casino4acesCOA SoftwareVenezuela Crooked software
CasinobarCOA SoftwareVenezuelaCrooked software
CasinoonairCOA SoftwareVenezuelaCrooked software
Casino On LinerCasinovaIsraelCrooked software
(See LuckNRoll article)
Club Player RTG Costa Rica Non-payment
ConnectoRTG Payment runarounds and non-payment
Cool Cat RTG   Has refused to pay players on big wins
Del Rio Playtech Cyprus Non-payment
Dice of FireIQ LudorumUnknownNon-payment
Five Star CasinoStart Your Own CasinoUnknownCrooked software
Games4money Unknown Unknown Non-payment
Grand Banks CasinoPlaytech St. Kitts and Nevis More serious than just slow pay; same owners as Black Widow
Hampton CasinoRTGCosta Rica Win big, they won't pay
High Rollers LoungeRTGCyprus Win big, they won't pay
ixcasinoStart Your Own CasinoUnknownCrooked software
Joker ClubStart Your Own CasinoUnknownCrooked software
LuckNRoll CasinoCasinovaIsraelCrooked software
(See LuckNRoll article)
Lucky Trump CasinoCasinovaIsraelCrooked software
(See LuckNRoll article)
Magic Gold CasinoRTG Trouble getting paid
Deceptive offers
Magic Trump CasinoCasinovaIsraelCrooked software
(See LuckNRoll article)
Portofino CasinoRTGCosta RicaTrouble getting paid
Rochester CasinoASTCosta Rica Reported non-payment
Roman CasinoRomansoftRomania Reported non-payment
Royal Dutch CasinoDiamond GamesCosta Rica Reported non-payment
Slots Alley CasinoCasinovaIsraelCrooked software
(See LuckNRoll article)
Trump Casino GroupCasinovaIsraelCrooked software
(See LuckNRoll article)
USA Casino Playtech Antigua Refusal to honor posted terms and conditions. Also, non-payment.
Windows CasinoRTGCosta RicaDeceptive offers
Xray CasinoStart Your Own CasinoUnknownCrooked software
Zex CasinoStart Your Own CasinoUnknownCrooked software

Iffy Online Casinos

Aero Player CasinoB3WSoftware concerns, unverified
African Palace Playtech Non-responsive to customer complaints. Management of this casino engaged in unethical behavior at other casinos in the past as well.
Casino ExtremeRTG See our Warning.
Casino VRProprietary 2% Neteller cashout fee!
Chartwell SoftwareChartwell Chartwell is a software provider that, like RTG, has in the past taken no responsibility for the business ethics or financial stability of its licensees. One of its licensees, Six Gun Casino, failed to pay bonuses and winnings.
Cirrus CasinoRTG Is not paying big wins
Global Player  Reliable reports of statistically significant negative results on their software indicating possible non-random software. Research is ongoing.
Goldbetting CasinoWager21 Reliable reports of unethical practices
Indio Casino Playtech See African Palace.
Joyland Casino Playtech Withheld player winnings after they played in a situation where comp points had inadvertently been set at a level that gave an advantage to players. Refused to respond to player and webmaster complaints about the non-payment.
Ladydream CasinoWager21 Reliable reports of unethical practices
Monte CasinoB3WSoftware concerns, unverified
Powerbet CasinoRTGSee Silver Sands
Riverboat CasinoProprietaryOwned by same group as Winward, see Winward
Silver Sands CasinoRTGSerious payment runaround, slow pay
The Blackjack Table.comProprietarySoftware concerns, unverified
The Casino.comProprietarySee The Blackjack
Winward CasinoProprietarySome of us have done limited plays here without any problems. But we have received repeated reports from experienced players of troubling software accounting errors and other software concerns.
Yachting CasinoB3WSoftware concerns, unverified

Other tips: At this time, pending further research, we recommend caution playing in casinos using proprietary software if you have been barred from receiving bonuses at that casino.

For advice on dealing with iffy online casinos that you want to play because of the bonus offer, see How to Beat Internet Casinos and Poker Rooms.

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  Internet Casino Blacklist: Be sure to check back frequently if you play online. We are constantly updated our blacklist of dishones Online Casinos as conditions change. Our Internet Casino Blacklist reports on Online Casinos that use non-random (crooked) software, unethical advertising practices, or that just plain don't pay. There are so many honorable and fair online casinos that there is no reason to ever play one dollar in a dishonest online casino.