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Arnold Snyder's How to Beat the Internet Casinos and Poker Rooms is designed to help beginners make $5000 to $10,000 in 8-12 weeks, and to help players who are already skilled recognize new opportunities in online casino play. It discusses the bonuses offered by online casinos and poker rooms and how to play those bonuses for profit. It also tells how to distinguish profit situations from losers, how to calculate your win rate, how to choose where to play, how to play the online games, how to identify online casino cheating, and other topics cruicial to winning at Internet casinos and extracting value from online poker room bonuses.
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How to Beat the Internet Casinos and Poker Rooms, By Arnold Snyder
Table of Contents

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How to Beat Internet Casinos and Poker Rooms (2006)

By Arnold Snyder
Table of Contents (paperback, 269 pages)

INTRODUCTION to How to Beat Internet Casinos and Poker Rooms

Beating Internet Casinos
Making Money in the Internet Poker Rooms
The Legal Issue


1. Introduction
The Loot and Scoot Approach
The Professional Method
Which Method is Right for You?
A Bit of the History
So What's New About This Book?

2: The Basics
The Ten-Step L&S Process in a Nutshell
Typical Bonus Offers
Bonus Terms & Conditions
The "General" Terms and Conditions
Frequently Asked Questions

3: The Business End
Read the Terms and Conditions
Deposit Methods
Be Prepared to Win
Keep Careful Records
Keeping Track of Your Bets

4: Free Cash Bonuses
The Non-Sticky Bonus
The Sticky Bonus
The Basic Difference Between Non-Sticky and Sticky Bonuses
The Semi-Sticky Bonus
The Cash Back Bonus
The Sticky Cash-Back Deal
The Win-Required Sticky Bonus
Important: Identify the Type of Bonus Before You Play
The Dollar Value of Speed

5: Your Win Rate in Dollars Per Hour
Surviving to Collect Your Profits
Conservative vs. Aggressive
The Wisdom of Loot & Scoot for New Players
Slow Cash-Outs
The Ponzi Factor
The Minimum Bankroll Requirements

6: How Much Should You Bet?
Your Advantage with a Non-Sticky Bonus
Non-Sticky Bonuses on a Small Bankroll
The Value of a Sticky Bonus
Four Rules for Playing Sticky Bonuses
Your Advantage on Sticky Bonuses
When is a Sticky Bonus a Good Value?
Advantage with a Semi-Sticky Bonus

7: Choosing Where to Play
Watchdog Recommendations: Avoiding the Fake Watchdogs; Real Internet Watchdogs Do Exist
The Bonus Value
The Property Group
Software Brand

8: Blackjack, Internet Style
Playing Your Hands
Selecting the Right Game
The Internet Blackjack Basic Strategy
Using the Basic Strategy Chart
The Order of Decisions

9: Blackjack Switch
The Rules of the Game
The WLPC System for Deciding When to Switch: Defining the Dealer's Upcard; Defining the Player's Hands; The Set Ratings; When Switching Doesn't Change the Power Rating
Basic Strategy for Blackjack Switch

10: Pontoon
Pontoon Pays 2 to 1
Five-Card Charlie Pays 2 to 1
All Other Winning Hands Pay Even Money
The Hit/Stand Rules
Pair Split Rules
Double Down Rules
Pontoon Basic Strategy

11: Variance, Friend and Foe

12: Video Poker and Other Games
The Basics of Video Poker
How to Play Video Poker
Games Other Than Video Poker

13: Camouflage

14: Do Online Casinos Cheat?
Some Do, Most Don't
How to Tell the Difference


1: Introduction

2: Getting Started
The General Plan of Attack
Depositing Money in an Online Poker Room
Downloading Poker Room Software
The Free Games
Can You Learn to Win in the Free Games?
Watch the Tournament Pros
Watch the Cash Game Pros
Taking Notes: Types of Notes You Should Record; Hand Histories; Poker Chat

3: Exploiting the Bonuses
Identifying the Types of Online Poker Room Bonuses

4: How to Play Texas Hold'Em

5: Texas Hold'Em Strategy
Beginners' Preflop Betting Strategy
Choosing a Table Online
Types of Players: Ace Masters, Flush Masters, Bluff Masters, Calling Stations
Slowplaying Preflop
Put Each Player on a Hand
Reading the Board
Betting on the Flop: Top Pair on the Flop, An Overpair on the Flop, Second Pair, Nothing on the Flop, Flopping a Monster Hand, Continue to Put Each Player on a Hand
Betting on the Turn
Playing the River
Pot Odds

6: No-Limit Texas Hold'Em Online
Choosing a No-Limit Table
The Bully's Game: Preflop, Post-Flop, Simple Formulas
Watch the Pros
Your Strategy
Beginners' Preflop No-Limit Strategy

7: No-Limit Tournaments Online
Free Roll Tournaments
Evaluating Your Chances in a Tournament: Satellites; Sit 'n Goes; Fast, Medium and Slow Tournaments; Dead Money; Rebuys

8: Poker Bots, Cheating, and Other Weirdness
Bots: Poker Room Bots; Human Bots
Collusion: How Does Collusion Work?


Afterword: The Future of Online Gambling


Blackjack Switch Strategy
House Advantage Chart


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Summary: How to Beat Internet Casinos and Poker Rooms provides both a clear, easy guide for beginners to make $5000 to $10,000 in online casinos, and information for more experienced players to improve their strategies for beating Internet casinos and poker rooms.

Please be aware that the poker information in this book is primarily a guide to the differences between live games and tournaments and the online poker games and tournaments, as well as a guide to evaluating online poker room bonuses.

For a professional-level strategy for beating online casino and live poker tournaments, we recommend The Poker Tournament Formula: A Comprehensive Guide to Making Money in Fast No-Limit Hold 'Em Tournaments (also by Arnold Snyder, and due in bookstores on June 25, 2006). This book provides an easy formula for evaluating the value of and bankroll requirements for online and live poker tournaments of 2 to 8 hours, with blind levels that last less than an hour. It also provides a mathematically-based basic strategy for optimizing your play and profits according to any tournament's exact blind structure.