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Mission of Blackjack Forum Online

Blackjack Forum has been the trade journal of professional gamblers since 1981. It's where professional gamblers go for the latest research, discoveries and information on how to make money gambling.

Back when I started Blackjack Forum in 1981, I had a vision for it. There were lots of other gambling periodicals at the time, but nothing that lived up to my vision of what a gambling periodical could be. I wanted a publication run by professional gamblers for professional gamblers, not another rag run by people with something to sell. And I wanted non-pros to have access to the real info as well. I started Blackjack Forum because it was the publication I wanted to read, and nobody else out there was publishing anything like it.

The times have changed, but the situation has not. There are a lot of blackjack web sites on the Internet, but not the site I want. Like my dad used to say, "If I want anything done right around here, I've got to do it myself."

What you can expect from this site is a new issue of Blackjack Forum (free) whenever the editor (me) and the writers and reporters (professional gamblers, attorneys, industry people, and mathematicians) have time to get one together. This will occur roughly every spring, summer, fall, and winter GST (Gamblers Standard Time).

Which means that, since we have no deadlines or printing and mailing schedules, if we get a hot article, we're going to put it up right away. On the other hand, if we're in the middle of a hot play, you'll probably have to wait for the article.

You will also find links to the best gambling books and software, as well as other worthwhile gambling web sites.

And you will find the undisputed best library of gambling articles and information on the web. While our current library is over 300 articles on professional gambling, we have over 500 more articles from past issues of Blackjack Forum targeted to add to the site.

In addition, we are continuing to discover new methods of beating the casinos, sportsbooks, tracks, and poker tables, about which we intend to write new articles. So, stay tuned. ♠

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  Arnold Snyder's Blackjack Forum is Run By Professional Gamblers
At Blackjack Forum Online, Arnold Snyder and the other professional gambler moderators are interested in helping new players learn to use professional gambling techniques at blackjack and other games. But we are also serious about protecting professional gambling techniques from casino surveillance eyes.