This Blackjack Forum article provides information for card counters on casino surveillance policies, procedure, equipment, and slang. Information on casino surveillance should help card counters design better camouflage. Disguising your play from casino surveillance will help card counters win more with less heat.
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Casino Surveillance Glossary

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casino policy, procedure, equipment, personnel and slang Glossary of Casino Terms
    By The Vindicator


Glossary of Casino Surveillance Terms

By D.V. Cellini
(From The Card Counterís Guide to Casino Surveillance, by Cellini, 2003)
© 2003 Dominic Vail Cellini

[Editor's Note: Most books on gambling provide a glossary of terms peculiar to that form of gambling. A book on card counting, for example, might describe terms like "camouflage" and "penetration" as they are generally used by most counters.

The glossary provided here by Cellini, from his book The Card Counter's Guide to Casino Surveillance (an Arnold Snyder Professional Gambling Report), is not a glossary of card countersí jargon, but a glossary of the terminology and slang used in the casino surveillance rooms by the agents who monitor the casino play.

Some of these terms may seem to be insensitive, or even insulting. Keep in mind that the purpose of providing this glossary is not to be politically correct, but simply to inform the reader of the actual terminology used. The common slang used by any special-interest group often provides a revealing glimpse into the psychology of the members of that group. ĖArnold Snyder]

Anchor: The player seated at the last possible square (dealerís far right hand), also known as third base. In face-up games, this player is frequently seeking the advantage of seeing the previously played cards before making a decision on his own hand.

Bi: A term used for unabashed lesbians (sorry, but itís true, as surveillance people are by nature voyeuristic). Also a term used to order an observer to run a player through the Biometrica system.

Bum Rushed: Said of an angry player who seeks and finds the pit boss after being denied his claim.

Buzzard: A "Big Player" who circles the pit too much waiting for a signal from a spotter.

Call Number: A number input to the keyboard to bring up a certain camera.

Cat in the Hat: A player who is garbed in a fashion that is not consistent with the weather his surroundings, such as a coat in the middle of summer or wearing sunglasses indoors.

Channel: Another term for a camera, as in, "What channel is he on?"

Chaser: A non-advantage player who chases his losses. These player are usually steaming mad about their losses.

Chunker: A player that makes numerous small stacks of chips as wagers all over the green on a roulette layout.

Claimer: A person who makes false claims.

Clock him, Dano: A term used by supervisors to request a surveillance observer to run down (watch closely) a suspected advantage player.

D.A.R.: Daily Activity Report. Part of the surveillance observerís shift report.

Destroyer: An observer who is instructed to watch all entrances laying in wait for an advantage player who has just left an adjoining or neighboring casino. Destroyers always work off of fresh or hot tips.

Dougherty: A "Dougherty" is an advantage player who makes all the wrong camo moves.

Green: A cheque with a house value of $25.00.

Grill Shot: A request for a facial shot of a suspected shot taker or advantage player.

Headstone: A player that has not left his seat for almost the entire surveillance shift and is passed on to the next shift, as in, "Youíve got a headstone on table 13."

Heat Seeker: A team player who attempts to draw as much heat as possible on another table to keep surveillance from watching his team mates. This is a bold move and usually done at a precise time. Itís also known as "Russian BJ."

Hit and Runner: An advantage player who "Wongs," then leaves. Also a case bettor.

Hog Hunting: A cruel game once played for money by surveillance people. The goal is to find and photograph the ugliest person of the opposite sex in the casino for a given shift. Iíve seen up to $100 in the pot up for grabs. And they think card counters are bad people.

Hunch a Buncher: A player who makes wild bet spreads for no apparent reason. His play has been proven to be unskilled.

I.R.: An Incident Report. If a "cube misses the boat" (die misses the table on a craps game) and hits the carpet, an I.R. is generated. A typical dayís worth of paperwork in a surveillance room could easily weigh a pound.

J.N.R.: Just Not Right, said of a person who appears to be acting suspicious.

K: Thousand, as in "Heís in 10k," or "Heís losing 5k!"

Keyboard: A computer-type keyboard that allows a surveillance observer to input the camera number of his choice.

Kibitzer: A nosey person who stands behind a player on a live game.

Methíed: A player who is more than obviously under the influence of speed or other stimulant narcotics.

Monkey: Any ten card (Asian term).

Mult-Plexer: Multi Vision, a piece of electronic equipment used in surveillance operations that allows up to 16 cameras to be recorded on to one VCR.

Nurser: A suspected advantage player who pretends to be drinking an alcoholic beverage for hours without actually drinking.

Paint: A 10 value card, either a jack, queen, or king.

Peek Freak: A hole carder.

Pict: A printed photo generated by means of either a computer scanner device or a medical scan device (ultra scan).

Pigeon: The perfect player (big loser) according to casino and surveillance people.

Port Number: A Switcher number that reflects the Pseudo number.

The Rags: The junk cards eaten (played) by an agent in order to use up a certain amount of cards or to steer cards (as in, "That player on square one was eating up the rags for the anchor.")

Rat-hole: The act of attempting to physically hide oneís large denomination winnings (cheques). Usually attempted by an advantage player to reduce pit heat or scrutiny.

Red: A cheque with a house value of $5.00.

Review: The act of reviewing a possible incident, as in, "Do you guys do a lot of claimer reviews?"

Rimmer: Slang used by surveillance observers to convey credit players to the next shift.

Roller: A dealer or card cheat who turns on his friends after getting busted.

S.R.: Surveillance Room.

Scellard, or Scale: A degenerate player (loser). Also a kibitzer.

Scorpion: A player (possible advantage player) that has the financial means to "sting you" (hurt the casino).

Sign-in sheet: A log sheet of all non-pre-authorized people who have entered the surveillance room.

Slugger: A player who makes numerous attempts to cut the deck to locate a slug. Also a person using fake or lead tokens in a slot machine.

Special Ops: Special Observation, also known as a "Blow by Blow." This is where the surveillance department scrutinizes the subjectís every move. Itís not something anyone would want to go through. Itís the equivalent of having a police car behind you at all times.

Spotter: A team player who counts cards and calls in a Big Player to his table to bet big when the count is high.

Squirrel or Chipmunk: A suspected advantage player who hops from table to table in reaction to signals from his "Spotters."

Steamer: See "chaser" (above).

Survey Him: A term used by a shift manager or a surveillance supervisor to request an observer to run a suspected advantage player on the BJ Survey Voice counter-catching computer software.

Switch(er): An electronic monstrosity that converts the "pseudo" numbers (or camera numbers) into "call" numbers.

"T or Píer": A "Take or Place" wager, usually made by an advantage player or a Chaser. The term "T or P" means "Take or play to table max." The phrase is announced by the table dealer when an unknown amount of currency hits the layout.

T. C. Time:Tape change time in the surveillance room. This time is also commonly referred to as "Elbows and A-Holes" time.

Turner: The same as a heat seeker, but this player utilizes means other than making bold card counter moves. A turner may trip and fall or even jump on a live table and start dancing.

Walker: A player who makes a large wager then departs in an obvious advantage play.

Warpster: Player who adjusts his play according to the bends of the cards.

Webster: Said of a floor person who thinks he knows everything.

Witch: A female dealer who canít "hold her own" (has been unlucky). ♠

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