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If you like to play progressive jackpot slot games, you will get a better deal at the online casinos listed at Blackjack Forum Online than you will at any Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino. That's because:

  • The online casinos we list give you generous cash bonuses to play on. Free extra money to play on means more of a chance to hit the jackpot.

  • The online slots we list have higher payouts than slots almost anywhere in the U.S. (that means the online slots at the casinos we list are looser).

Playing Online Progressive Jackpot Slots with an Advantage

There is a small player advantage on progressive jackpot slots when the jackpot gets big enough. As of the writing of this page, the player edge started on Microgaming progressive jackpot slots when the jackpot hit roughly twice the average jackpot for any particular progressive slot game.

You will find the average jackpot (as of the writing of this article) for a number of Microgaming progressive jackpot slots listed below. These averages have been remarkably consistent for a number of years, but that is no guarantee that they won't change. If Microgaming casinos were suddenly to set a significantly different house edge on their slots, for example, these average jackpots would change.

Also, don't assume that there is a player advantage on every progressive jackpot slot that gets to twice its average jackpot. There isn't.

Progressive Jackpot Slots and Variance

The bigger the average jackpot, the higher the variance you'll see going for the jackpot. Even professional gamblers with million-dollar-plus bankrolls tend to go for the smaller jackpots, not the ones over six figures, because they can't afford the variance on the bigger jackpot slots. If you don't have a million-dollar-plus bankroll, you may not have enough money to survive any serious play on progressive jackpot slots.

(Variance is the normal statistical range of results. For example, just because the average jackpot on a slot is $30,000, doesn't mean you won't see the jackpot often go off when it's much lower or mugh higher.)

And just because you're playing a slot game with a player edge doesn't mean you'll actually win on any particular playing session.

We recommend reading "Risk of Ruin for Video Poker and Other Skewed-Up Games", by Dunbar and Math Boy, in the BJF library before trying any play on progressive jackpot slots except for fun. If you don't understand the article, don't try to play progressive jackpot slots to win. ♠

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[For more information on winning at online slots and other online casino games, see How to Beat Internet Casinos and Poker Rooms by Arnold Snyder. For more information on the bankroll requirements and variance on video poker and other progressive jackpot games, see Bob Dancer's Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner ]

Average Progressive Slot Jackpots at Microgaming Online Casinos

Online progressive slot game jackpot

Average jackpot hit:

online progressive slot game jackpot

Average jackpot hit:

Average jackpot hit:

Average jackpot hit:

Average jackpot hit:

Average jackpot hit:

Average jackpot hit:

Average jackpot hit:

Average jackpot hit:

Average jackpot hit:

Average jackpot hit:

Average jackpot hit:

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